Wicked Face Painting Ideas For Halloween

October 31, 2017
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Have your little goblins got hocus pocus on the brain? There’s no need to struggle with the sewing machine or battle the crowds to pick up the last Harry Potter costume this Halloween. Kids adore having their faces painted – in fact, it’s one of the rare occasions in which you can get them to sit still, even when they’re hopped up on sugar!

But if you think turning your little monster into a REAL monster isn’t within your skill set, think again! The effects that can be created with quality face paints are deceptively easy (and addictive), especially when teamed with a YouTube tutorial or two.

We recommend visiting your nearest face-painting store and stocking up on the right paints, brushes and sponges to achieve the following face-painting ideas. Professional paints are non-toxic, apply flawlessly, won’t stain clothing and, because no one wants to send their child off to school with a green face, wash off easily with water. You don’t need to use much paint to get good coverage either, so they’ll last you for many Halloweens to come!

Face Painting Ideas

Winged Creatures

Of all the face painting ideas out there, reward-to-effort ratio doesn’t get much better than the butterfly mask, which is always a winner with little girls, and sometimes little boys, too! You can use a rainbow cake or split cake for a really easy multi-colour effect, or simply blend three stripes of colour on the sponge to customise the mask for Halloween. Create a spooktacular winged creature using purple, orange, white and black, or you could use a similar technique to adapt the butterfly into wicked dragons and bats. Click through for a really easy butterfly mask tutorial.

Sugar Skull

Raise the dead with a hauntingly beautiful sugar skull design, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. The best thing about this face-painting idea is that it leaves oodles of room to customise it to your child’s liking. Use their favourite colours and add a little black magic with glitter and diamantes. You’ll need a steady hand and a still model to get the shapes just right, but otherwise it’s just a series of circles and lines. Swap teardrops for cobwebs and don’t forget the flower crown! Learn how to paint it here.

Midnight Kitty

The traditional black cat takes on a mysterious glow when you use luminous pearl paints, as seen in this stunning tutorial. A striking option for your own Halloween costume, or you can tone down the eye makeup to make it a little more kid-friendly. Finished with an eerie full moon, vampire bats and stars or cobwebs around the eyes, this design is guaranteed to turn heads.

What are some of your favourite face-painting ideas for kids? Show us your handiwork on our Facebook page!

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