This is What’s #Trending in Japan

June 30, 2017
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If it’s cool or trending, chances are it started in Japan. From the ultra-colourful Harajuku girls to the sleek street-style of Shibuya, here our buying team bring you the latest and greatest fashion and beauty trends coming out of Japanese culture.

1. Under-Eye Blush
Because blush on your cheeks is sooo last season. In the Japanese beauty world, girls are opting for ultra-pink rouging underneath the eyes – giving off a sweet and innocent vibe.

2. Coloured Contact Lens
Purple, aqua, pink – you name it, they’ve got it! Coloured eyes are everywhere at the moment, and gives off a striking appearance in a country whose majority of residents have brown eyes. Take it one step further with a zebra or galaxy pattern.

3. Wide Leg Denim
You heard it here first, wide leg is back in a big way. The wider, the better. Pair it with a denim shirt, and distressed details and you’ll fit right in.

4. Berets
No longer just the domain of the French girl, berets have become all the rage for Japanese street style. They give any outfit an instant ‘cool girl’ lift, plus they keep your head warm, win win!

5. Faux Freckles
Growing in popularity in Western culture, drawn on freckles are beauty 101 in Japan right now.

6. Coloured Glasses
Once left to Anastasia and the early 90s, the coloured glasses trend is back. The bolder, the better.


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