Wedding Attire for Men

March 21, 2018
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From black tie to smart-casual, we break down what to wear to different types of weddings, no matter your role on the big day.

Black Tie Weddings

Definitely on the more formal side of the spectrum, you’ll want to go all out if you’re attending a black tie wedding this summer. The goal here is sophistication and class, so whether you’re the groom or a guest, you’ll want to be rocking a standard tuxedo.

Traditionally, a tuxedo features a black dinner jacket crafted from medium-weight wool. Depending on how hot it will be on the day, this might not be the ideal option. Unless you simply wear the jacket during the ceremony and pray for air conditioning. A more lightweight option crafted from cotton will allow more breathability, and ensure you avoid those dreaded sweat patches.

Peak lapels, a bow tie and a pocket square will add an extra dandy touch of debonair to the look, while trousers featuring a grosgrain stripe down the leg will add even more classic detailing. Keep your shoes simple and traditional by opting for black leather lace-ups and avoiding perforated brogues. And the shirt? Keep it crisp and clean, or go fancier with a textured Marcella fabric.

Tropical Weddings

Living in Australia, it’s more than likely you’ll be attending a wedding with a warmer climate. Or if you’re extra lucky, you might be jetting off to an exotic island to walk down the aisle or be the Best Man. More often than not, the dress code will be much more relaxed here. It could even take on a more tropical twist.

Think cotton and linen suiting, in lighter hues such as powder blue, cream or beige. This will allow you room to be a bit bolder with your shirting, tie and pocket square; perhaps with warmer colours such as burnt orange. You could even pick a tie featuring a fun print, just make sure you don’t upstage the groom if you’re a guest!

Slip-on loafers are perfect to wear in hotter temps, whether you opt for a tasselled style or suede slippers. The trick is to go sockless, so pop in some low-cut invisible socks to avoid sweaty soles.

Smart-Casual Weddings

what to wear to a wedding

If your wedding sits somewhere between a formal and relaxed affair, you’ll want to take a smart-casual approach to your attire. This doesn’t mean you can get away with wearing jeans and sneakers – unless this is what the groom has specified, of course (it’s becoming more and more common to see men at weddings team tailoring with trainers).

Our suggestion would be to go for relaxed tailoring that still looks thoroughly thought out. Whether you’re more comfortable sticking with basics hues or wilder colours, a smart-casual wedding is often the place to do this. Perhaps try teaming different hues together instead of sticking to the classic formula of matching pants and jacket. You could team a striped navy blazer with mustard trousers for a fashion-forward approach.

Your shirt and accessories will allow for extra creativity if you’re feeling confident (and you know it’s appropriate for the event). But a tip would be to choose one or the other; if you’re going to choose a vibrant tie and pocket square, keep your shirt clean and minimal. A pair of colour-popping socks could also add some personality to your ensemble worn with a pair of more classic brogues.

Whatever look you go for this wedding season, ensure you wear it with confidence and panache. Weddings are the perfect excuse to get dressed up, so don’t let the ladies have all the fun.

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