Top 5 IT girls of 2017: Your New Style Icons

February 5, 2017
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From Audrey Hepburn’s obsession with the little black dress, to Twiggy’s ultimate 1960’s style, these women are among many style icons who have shaped and moulded the industry. With the emergence of social media influencers and trend setters stronger than ever, 2017 is set to be one of the biggest years in the fashion world yet.

After careful consideration, we’ve predicted the top 5 IT girls of 2017 who are killing the game.

Bella Hadid
Sorry Gigi – Bella is officially our new favourite Hadid sister, or at least when it comes to style anyway! Since signing with IMG Models in 2014, Bella’s presence in the modeling industry has continued to soar. If you weren’t already in love with the ever so stylish model, her recent appearance in the annual Victoria Fashion Show late last year was sure to do it. Whether she’s dressed up head-to-toe for a red carpet event or just hanging out with fellow model gal pal Kendall Jenner, she nails it every time. There’s no doubt the younger Hadid sister is one to watch in 2017.

Lily-Rose Depp

Daughter of renowned screenplay actor Johnny Depp, the French-American model is making major waves in the world of fashion with her unique fashion credentials. Depp certainly doesn’t follow the crowd, pictured frequently in bold prints and clashing colours that up until now, we would have never dared to try. Depp has brought a whole new meaning to the word fashion, breaking the rules to create her own. Possessing such an iconic style, it’s hard to believe this fashionista is only 17. We predict the young starlet will be setting the standard for fashion this year and for many to come.
Your New Style Icons

Hailey Baldwin
Famously known for her tight friendship with the Hadid and Jenner sisters, this young American model is recognized internationally for her killer fashion-sense and modest take on style. What can only be described as effortlessly chic, Baldwin is that girl you hate for looking so damn good in her sweats and sneakers. Rewriting the rules of fashion, Baldwin has made casual cool again (thank you Hailey!), pictured in her signature jeans and tees on a regular basis.

Kylie Jenner
Okay, so this one isn’t new… but we couldn’t leave her off the list. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is a key influence when it comes to style. In fact, we’re pretty sure if Kylie was snapped wearing a potato sack it would be the hottest new trend on the market the following day. From coloured wigs to figure hugging dresses, Miss Jenner is setting trends left right and centre and isn’t slowing down.

Meghan Markle

Best known for her role in television legal drama Suits, Markle has always displayed a keen eye for style. Spotted often in tailored paint suits and sleek dresses, you won’t catch this American actress looking anything less than poised and polished. Markle’s sophisticated sense of style is sure to have won over a few brownie points with the royals, after taking her relationship with Prince Harry public. They may not have tied the knot yet, but this possible future princess is already fashion royalty to us.

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