Our Top 5 Cringe-Worthy 90s Hairstyles

January 17, 2018
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Ah the 90s. Most commonly described as a decade packed full of epic fashion fails. If you need a little reminding; think hyper colour t-shirts, double denim, cargo pants, and anything-high vis, really. Yeah, you know you’re guilty of some of these a-grade blunders. They don’t just stop there. The 90s were also defined by unapologetic hairstyles that, even to this day induce severe teeth grinding. Like… if history repeats itself, we’re all in big trouble.

But for now, take a ~chill pill~ and pop the popcorn because we’re revisiting the worst, most cringe-worthy hairstyles of the 90s. Sorry in advance for the traumatic flashbacks.

Hair Crimping

The hair philosophy of the 80s was definitely “the bigger the better,” so when it began to fade out in the early 90s, some nostalgic nincompoop tried to bring it back with crimping. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, looking back, crimping should’ve been well cemented in the 80s. Who wants to look like the aftermath of a severe electric shock?

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Frosted Blonde Tips
We can’t help but point a reluctant finger at our classic 90s boy bands for this one. Most men like to deny that this fad ever happened, and we can see why. It kind of looks like a porcupine-ish ‘do with rapid ice blonde highlights.

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Butterfly Clips
Butterfly clips came in transparent, matte, metallic or glitter finishes and were widely popular in the 90s – despite being hideously unflattering. They were mainly used to keep your hair out of your eyes, but always looked like some kind of butterfly orgy taking place atop your head.

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2-Minute Noodle Hair
We’ll say it — the ubiquitous ramen noodle hair trend was by far the worst hairstyle of all time for men. Do you style it or do you pick at it with chopsticks? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Justin Timberlake donned this look in the 90s, and “Bye Bye Bye” (sorry, we had to) it went by the year 2000.

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The Rachel
No look has quite so single-handedly defined an entire decade like The Rachel has. Every woman in the mid-90s showed up to their local salons clutching magazine clippings of Rachel Green’s iconic do. A hairstyle of epic proportions, there was nothing subtle or remotely natural about those unforgivable shaggy layers or blinding highlights.

While Jen’s signature look didn’t take off in the naughties (hairdressers of the 90s can rejoice!), the Internet will never forget.

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