Top 5 Beauty Looks To Try This Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2018
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better excuse to try out some new beauty looks (not that we ever needed one!). Whether you’ll be celebrating the international day of love with a fancy dinner, picnic by the beach or a night out with the girls, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 V-Day inspired looks.

Fresh Faced & Flirty
Inspired by none other than sweetheart starlet Selena Gomez, this look is all about enhancing your natural features. Start by applying a subtle layer of blush over your natural cheekbones, peach typically works well for most complexions. When it comes to the eyes, don’t over think it. Keep it simple with a light brown eyeshadow dusted across the lid. Add a simple pair of fake lashes and you’re guaranteed to turn heads! Apply a soft nude lip to complete the look. For an added glow, dust a shimmery gold toned shadow lightly under the eyes. For any occasion, day or night, this look is your go-to.

Smouldering Smokey Eye
Before Kimmy K went ‘au naturale’ on us, there once was a time when our favourite Kardashian was never seen without her token smoky eye. This look isn’t as hard as it looks and can be re-created in a few simple steps.

Before you begin, keep in mind that your eyes should remain the focus of the face. Start by applying a generous layer of black (or dark brown) eyeshadow to the centre of your lid. Buff this out with a blending brush until a ‘smoky’ effect is achieved. We strongly recommend doing this before applying your base to avoid any possible fallout sticking to your foundation. Alternatively, hold a tissue or cotton pad underneath the eye to create a barrier. Using a cream contour palette, accentuate your cheekbones and shape the face by blending it along the jaw line, outer areas of the forehead and down both sides the bridge of your nose.

The No-Makeup Makeup Look
Who else would we look to for a style that’s effortlessly beautiful other than upper east side girl, Blake Lively? If it’s one thing she’s taught us it’s that sometimes less is more. Perfect for all you busy girls on the go, this look is quick and easy so you won’t be late for your date! Simply dust a little blush over your cheeks to add a hint of colour and apply a thin layer of mascara to your lashes. Pop on some lipstick and that’s you done! But wait, it gets better. This look pairs perfectly with lazy, tousled hair saving you all the hassle of trying to perfect those dreaded curls (seriously how do they do it!?) For the lips, we recommend sticking to a shade of nude closest to your natural colour, or for a look more suited to night, nothing says pretty like a girly pink pout.

Vintage Glamour
If you’re feeling a little adventurous, look no further than this iconic pinup inspired look.Think big winged liner, dramatic lashes and a bright red lip. Don’t hold back! Top it off with some killer curls and you’ll look just like you’ve stepped off the set of a 1950s Hollywood film. This lethal combination is sure to break a few hearts this V-day.

Vampy Glamour
For a look that oozes sex appeal, bad gal Ri Ri is giving us major inspiration with these smouldering plum tones. Take a cream contour palette and apply an even line down your natural cheekbones. Buff it in lightly, leaving a little extra colour on the skin than you normally would for a glowing effect. Apply a thin gold base to the lid of your eyes and blend it out gently with a mauve toned powder shadow. For the ultimate bedroom eyes, dust a little underneath your bottom lashes before tracing the waterline and inner edges of your eye with a black kohl liner. To complete the look, add some individual lashes and top it off with a dark lip.

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