Top 12 Transeasonal Wardrobe Essentials

February 3, 2017
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Believe it or not, refreshing your look doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve taken the headache out of shopping and put together a list of wardrobe essentials every woman should have for year round style.

White T-Shirt
Styling rule #1, never underestimate the power of a white tee. Available in endless cuts and textures, they are the essential building block of your wardrobe. White t-shirts immediately freshen any outfit and are great for layering. We suggest buying at least 3 so you always have one on rotation. If you find a particular style you love, we recommend purchasing the same tee in a variety of neutral colours – blacks, greys, nudes… Stripes are also great for transitioning between seasons!

White Sneakers
White is the new black – didn’t you know? They’re effortlessly chic AND comfy… so comfy.
There’s something oddly satisfying about a great pair of denim. Whether they’re flared, high-rise, hipster, skinny or boyfriend; trust us, jeans are your best friend! Not sure which style flatters you the most? Don’t stress! Head into your preferred shop and have one of the sales assistants help you find the perfect pair.

Come on, you KNEW this would be on the list. We hate to admit it; our mums were right; owning a little black dress is essential. She wasn’t lying when she told you there’s one to suit every occasion, and she really does mean every, single, occasion.

Leather Jacket
If there was ever an item to splurge on, this is it. Leather jackets are a timeless investment piece that are guaranteed never to go out of style. Treat yo-self! We promise you won’t regret it. Alternatively, there are some stunning faux-leather jackets available at many leading retailers (with a lot smaller price-tag).

Midi Skirt
Thank you Kimmy K for glamouriSing this ever so humble staple item! Perfect length for those ‘coffee in both hands’ mornings, you’ll never have to worry about flashing your lacy knickers to the creep old guy behind you. Midi skirts are SO versatile and can be styled to suit any occasion. Available in an infinite variety of colours, we recommend investing in a few!

Black Pumps
There’s nothing better than a pair of fresh black pumps, don’t argue with us on this! Perfect for the office, dinner or drinks, black pumps are your go-to heel. We personally love pointed patent stilettos which add a little ‘sexy’ to any outfit.

Ankle Boots
A more modern wardrobe essential, ankle boots are the must have shoe for every season. Tan and black are classic colours guaranteed to suit any outfit.

Black Pants
There aren’t many items of clothing more flattering than a pair of black trousers. They’re comfy, you can wear them anywhere, they’re comfy, they match everything… did we mention they’re comfy? The list just goes on… how many more reasons do you need?

White Blouse
A crisp white blouse can be worn with almost anything; skirts, pants, shorts, even jeans – you name it, it’ll match! Perfect for those “what do I wear” days, every woman needs one in their wardrobe.

Trench Coat
Year after year after year, women are still wearing trench coats. Why? Because they look AMAZING, not to mention they keep us nice and cosy in those cold winter months. Both stylish and practical, trench coats are the essential staple item guaranteed to complete any outfit. Stick to blacks, greys and nudes for a classic look.

Ballet Flats
For the days where parading around the office in stilettos just aren’t possible – ballet flats. Like anything, you can’t go wrong with neutral colours like black or nude. If you have a little extra cash to splash, seasonal colours such as red or blue are an easy way to spice up your outfit and stay on trend. The perfect balance between dressy and casual, you need these in your wardrobe.

Tips to remember;

  • Stick to neutral colours
  • Know your body
  • Keep it simple
  • Classic styles never date
  • Before purchasing, think of 3 possible outfits you can wear the item with
  • Not sure? Just ask! Always remember that fashion stylists/assistants are there to help you look and feel great.
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