To Print or Not to Print

June 15, 2016
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Perhaps you’ve shunned prints from your wardrobe in the fear they’ll make you look bigger or too over-the-top? Or maybe you just don’t know how to incorporate them into your everyday look? Whatever the reason, we’ll show you how to embrace them. Because let’s face it, prints aren’t going anywhere!

Use Prints to Flatter Your Curves
Don’t want to enhance your voluptuous booty or draw attention to your hips? Structured pants or a pencil skirt will streamline your bottom half, while your printed top distracts attentions from your problem areas.

Match Colours, Not Prints
More often than not, if the colours work together, so will the prints. A great example is monochrome. Try pairing black and white polka dots with black and white stripes and be amazed at how well they complement each other.

Finish Your Look with Understated Accessories
Keep your extras minimal so they’re not in competition with what you’ve got on! When in doubt, you can rely on a pair of black platform heels and a simple clutch to complete your outfit. Remember, less is more.

Still Scared to Don the Print?
Baby steps will get you there! Try adding a printed handbag, belt or shoes to get you used to the idea. Slowly but surely you will learn love a splash of print in your look, and perhaps even dare to wear this season’s hottest trend.

Use the tips above to get you into print perfection and be surprised at the splash of life it will give to your already fabulous wardrobe!

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