How To Throw The Perfect Friendsgiving

November 14, 2017
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We take a lot of traditions from our friend’s state-side; from Valentine’s Day to Black Friday and Halloween, Americans sure know how to throw a party. Now the latest trend coming our way? Friendsgiving. Playing off the traditional ‘Thanksgiving’ Holiday, Friendsgiving is basically the perfect excuse to get your nearest and dearest together for a beautifully decorated dinner party and sharing a bottle of vino.

Do we have you excited to host your own? Here we’ve rounded up the key elements for making your Friendsgiving dinner one to remember…

The Wine

If your friends are anything like us, wine is a key element of any kind of get-together. Red wine is usually an all-round winner, particularly when pairing with a hearty meat-filled dinner. As we’re heading into warmer months, unlike our Northern Hemisphere friends, go for a lighter red like a nice Pinot Noir or try this Nero d’Avola.

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The Cheeseboard

Who doesn’t love a good cheeseboard?! Kick the night off with a light grazing platter – go for the usual suspects; brie, prosciutto and crackers, along with some healthy additions like grapes, olives and blueberries.

Ready to master your cheese board? Check out our friends at The Home’s ultimate guide here.

The Table

The holidays are the perfect time to get creative with your table settings! Use this as an excuse to break out the ‘nice’ tableware, and using real napkins and tablecloths will make you appear fancy without actually putting in that much effort. If you have time, make place settings, and add flowers and candles to make an super inviting space for your guests.

The “Thanks” Giving

Embrace the tradition, even if it is an American holiday, by taking this opportunity to think about what you’re truly grateful for. Have everyone go around the table and share, it’s both a feel-good conversation starter and will add to the novelty of the evening!

The Main Event

By this we of course mean the turkey. When you think of a traditional Thanksgiving, a big, fat, juicy turkey lying front and centre. If you’re up for the challenge try this Alton Brown recipe  otherwise we’re pretty sure a simpler roast chicken does the trick just as well. Be sure to pair it with some delicious potato bake and plenty of vegetables!

Are you throwing your own Friendsgiving feast? Be sure to share your pictures with us on Instagram!

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