Why Kids Rule At Summer

November 29, 2016
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As grown-ups, the summer holidays probably bring to mind things like cleaning the house for Christmas, cleaning the house after Christmas, getting fit, surviving New Year’s Eve parties, catching up with the family, trying to smash out the last of your 2016 goals, writing new goals… Do you know who doesn’t have any of these things on their summer to-do list? Kids! Kids don’t even have to-do lists, that’s how knowledgeable they are in the fun department. Here’s six reasons why you should turn to the little guys to learn how to do the summer holidays right!

Kids know how to have fun.

And this is something that grown-ups, especially working parents, sometimes need to be reminded of. Take a lesson from the littlies this summer, find joy in the simplest things and leave your worries behind –  at least for a while. Ride bikes, paddle at the beach, pick up the second PS controller, or sit down for a calming colouring session.

They don’t have any homework during the summer holidays.

School’s out for summer, the kids are free from academic pressures, and that means you are released from those academic pressures, too. You don’t have to help with homework, and you don’t have to be the ‘bad guy’ who nags them to do it. Grab the opportunity to show them the cool parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle/baby-sitter you really are!


Running through a sprinkler is totally acceptable.

Kids are extraordinarily resourceful when it comes to cooling off on those blistering hot days. So why not join in? As long as there’s no water restrictions in your neighbourhood, turning on the sprinkler for a little while will not only put the colour back in your lawn, but a huge smile on your face!

You get to watch all the new children’s movies without judgment.

Don’t pretend like you haven’t got Toy Story 4 on your 2019 planner. Whether it’s classic family movies from your own childhood, a Disney princess marathon or the latest release, summer is the time to pop the popcorn and veg out with the kids, no questions asked.

It’s the perfect excuse to go to a water slide park.

We challenge you to conjure a summer memory that gave you more thrills than a water slide! Even just putting the hose on sudsy plastic in the yard was enough to keep you buzzing for hours. Gather your children, cousins, nieces and nephews and relive the memories this summer. And don’t forget the most important trick: clenched cheeks = speed.


You get to eat more ice cream than usual and not feel guilty about it.

Remember what we said about being your coolest self? As well as being relieved of long-division duty, we also tend to relax the health food rules during the summer holidays, which means ice creams all round! If you don’t fancy dealing with a crazy sugar-induced high, check out our healthy kids’ snacks ideas – frozen banana pops are sure to be a winner!

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