7 Things Found In Every Stylish Home

January 17, 2017
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Seeking the missing link to a stylish home? Like the perfect little black dress that ties your entire wardrobe together, there are fashionable and functional essentials every good-looking interior needs. You may have mastered some of the decorating details below, but some may surprise you, opening the door to a whole new level of sophisticated living.

Art that Surprises

The best art choices are the ones you’re instantly drawn to. But in interiors that have us swooning, there’s always a focus on art placement to ensure you never forget the space. Be it a large statement piece that fills an entire wall or a precious collection of smaller works hung in an intriguing gallery-wall, well-styled works are a given.

Curated Collections

This is where your personality shines. Keep big-ticket items such as lounge suites and wall units in classic shapes and shades, and add character with your smaller, personal treasures. Showcase your burgeoning collection of fashion books, travel treasures, family photos, perfume bottles and more. Stick to a consistent colour palette to keep the collection chic as opposed to cluttered.

Rebellious Rugs

How you use your rug can make or break your style. Maximise its impact with intrigue and charm as opposed to just function and durability. Use smaller rugs instead of larger ones in open spaces to define areas better and create interest; and decorate with unique layered combinations such as cowhide over sisal for double the warmth and texture.

A Mix of Old & New

The most memorable homes are the ones that effortlessly mesh old and new. Nobody can get comfy in an uninviting, cold Show Home no matter how pristine it looks. Found objects and family heirlooms are a great way to soften harsh, modern surfaces and add depth. A stylish room should look like it has been curated over time.

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A Natural Touch

Greenery is always a good idea. Indoor plants add life, texture, and colour to a room, instantly. In addition to the good looks, they boast an abundance of wellbeing properties, too, keeping our air clean while upping-the-ante on interior style. Try the lush Peace Lily as a chic addition to your sideboard or 2017’s hottest indoor plant, the olive tree.

Touch-Me Textures

Learning how to decorate with texture is a sure-fire way to hit the style marks. Turn to velvet cushions, patterned vases, fleece throws, and stylish table lamps with pattern and texture to elevate flat, monochrome spaces. Simply note where the focus of the room needs to be, and add your decorative piece.

Smart Lighting

It’s easy to overlook a lighting plan when it comes to decorating, but this essential is a powerful mood maker can enhance your home style. Always opt for warm white globes rather than cool white to avoid a clinical feel and create an inviting and relaxing vibe everyone can feel comfortable in.


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