Style Icons that Prove Glasses Aren’t Geeky

January 18, 2018
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Feeling flat about your frames? Turn this essential into your favourite accessory with inspiration from these style icons. By honing the art of laid-back cool, and flamboyant character, these style icons prove glasses are always a good thing when it comes to fashion.

Iris Apfel
“More is more and less is a bore.” Keeping true to her fashion bible, Iris Apfel has hit the streets of New York for the last eight decades with a powerful maximalist style. The interior and fashion designer is rarely seen without her signature oversized glasses, and as a self-professed flea-market freak, she’s a collector of unique frames with the motto: the bigger the better!

“If you have to wear glasses, wear glasses!” Iris Apfel

John Lennon
The iconic musician and song writer was a late bloomer when it came to embracing this fashion accessory. So much so he only wore his glasses in private, often hitting the stage with the front row a blur! When he finally came ‘round to the idea of sporting his round-rimmed glasses out in the open, they soon became a part of his trademark image, propelling him to global “style icons” status.

Styling tip: round-rimmed glasses soften angular features.

Elton John
With over 250,000 pairs of glasses in a separate walk-in wardrobe, we can safely say: Elton John is obsessed! The singer, musician, and composer has been sporting quirky specs throughout his career, making the most of his short-sightedness with frames in flamboyant colours and shapes. With a more reserved approach to his eyewear picks these days, we can only hope there’s a special shrine in the wardrobe for his infamous windshield wiper glasses.

style icons
Dita Von Teese
Elegance and sophistication goes hand in hand with Dita Von Teese’s vintage glamour look. The Queen of Burlesque is no stranger to best-dressed lists, flaunting her inspired flash-back style with classic cat-eye frames the icing on the cake. Her signature eyewear shape, which oozes 50s and 60s flair, is a perfect fit for those with a heart-shaped face.

Diane Keaton
Taking the reins from Katherine Hepburn, Diane Keaton has championed the pant suit on the red carpet, making it her own with accessories such as men’s ties and fedoras that boast androgynous appeal. This quiet confidence for accessorising is ever-present in her choice of eyewear, too. Playing with a varied range of frames over the years – round, rectangle, and oversized – she’s mastered the perfect finish to her look.

Main photo by Thomas Whiteside

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