Spring Racing Fashion Tips

October 19, 2016
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The dos and don’ts of trackside fashion can be confusing to say the least. Check out our spring racing fashion tips, designed to help you figure out what to wear – and how to wear it – when you step out during the 2016 Spring Racing Carnival.

Spring Racing Fashion

Do dress for the weather

Spring is a seriously unpredictable time weather-wise in Australia, and things can go from warm and sunny to blowing-a-gale in a matter of minutes. Make sure you have a jacket or pashmina in a colour and texture that suits the rest of your outfit, for when the sun goes down or the wind picks up.

Do choose your footwear wisely

There is almost nothing worse in this world than seeing beautifully dressed women limping out of the races barefooted, heels thrown over the shoulder. A day at the races means many hours of standing, so it pays to choose footwear that is comfortable. Block heels or wedges are a great option, but if you must go for stilettos, consider investing in some heel protectors to give you a little extra stability and stop you from sinking into the grass. Throw a pair of foldable flats into your clutch for emergencies.

Don’t dress to go clubbing

Spring racing fashion is not for showing off in a glittering bodycon dress. Save that for Saturday night and opt for understated elegance instead. Classic styling with gorgeous silhouettes and hemlines below the knee are always in fashion. Keep your underwear neatly tucked away and always stay classy!

Do wear a headpiece

Spring Racing Fashion

Embrace race season with gorgeous headwear! Hats never go out of style and straw hats in particular are very popular at the moment. Crowns are making an appearance in 2016 too, which makes this the perfect year to play out those princess dreams of yours. Enlist the help of a milliner for some serious style cred.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Even when it’s overcast the UV ratings can get sky high at this time of year. Avoid unsightly tan lines (not to mention dangerous burns) with multiple applications of sunscreen throughout the day.

Do adhere to dress codes

Each day of the Spring Racing Carnival has either an official or non-official theme, and you’d do well to fall into line with it (lest you end up on one of the ‘worst dressed’ lists). Derby Day is all about monochrome, so leave the colour at home and stick with black and white. Oaks Day is for the ladies, and flirty florals and pastels tend to abound. Cup Day is the day to bring out your best and brightest, while Stakes Day is a family affair, so keep your spring racing fashion a little more casual and relaxed.

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