Q&A With Lonvitalité

July 21, 2017
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Australian skincare brand, Lonvitalité is making its way to the forefront of the beauty industry and we can see why! Not only is the Lonvitalité range of serum infused face, eye and lip masks 100% cruelty free without parabens or any nasties, the range is formulated in Germany with 100% natural plant based collagen. Lonvitalité pride themselves on using the most natural and effective ingredients, combined with the latest technology available – so that you can enjoy skincare that is not only good for you inside and out, but also good for the environment.

Below, Lonvitalité’s brand owner, Rochelle kindly answers all of our beauty questions and even reveals some of her own must-try beauty tips!

What fuelled the birth of Lonvitalité?

Rochelle: I was intrigued after travelling to Europe and Asia where sheet masks were so popular, so I spent some time researching the technique. As a Mum of 3 young children, I wanted something low maintenance and effective that gave salon-quality results. So in 2009, Lonvitalite was born as a salon exclusive product to be used as an add on service in salons to help increase profit. Due to a high demand, we then entered to retail market in 2013.

When it comes to skincare trends, face masks take the cake. Why is this so?

Rochelle: As mentioned, Sheet Masks have been a preferred staple of beauty regimes for a long time. There’ve proved to be a convenient option for people that are time-poor and wanting something to use in the comfort of their own home or even on the run, that actually delivers results! Users don’t need to change their regime or favoured product line because they add the masks to compliment their routine. Unlike creams and lotions that only sit on the surface of the skin, the Sheet Mask contours and blankets the entire face encouraging the serum to be absorbed into the skin without any evaporation of product. It’s all about Maximum Results with Minimum Fuss!

What are the benefits of natural ingredients in skincare?

Rochelle: There has been global awareness of more natural skincare over the years and the benefits vs inorganic products. Natural ingredients have the ability to not only penetrate the top layer of the skin but also repair skin from a cellular level as well. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals so deeper layers of skin are regenerated and restored.
Also a recent study suggests using natural ingredients for skin care can help treat hyperpigmentation and inflammation, while another comments on how it can help with skin damage caused by the sun’s rays over our lifetimes.

How should we prep our skin for a special occasion?

Rochelle: Hydration is key to having your skin ready for a full face of makeup or a nice natural look before a special occasion. Our masks are perfect to use before an event to rehydrate the skin whilst doing your hair, nails or getting your outfit ready. We have a large number of celebrity make-up artists using our C8 Collagen and our 24K Gold under eye masks on their clients whilst doing their eye makeup to rehydrate, diminish fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Our brand new Silk Sheet Face Masks are like a second skin, unlike the Hannibal Lecter looking masks of late. Combined with this new delivery system and improved formula our clients are loving them!

What are your best beauty and skincare tips?

Rochelle: Being aware of what ingredients are beneficial for your skin or what you actually need to improve certain areas. I also think being conscious of your lifestyle so your beauty regime can be sustained is important.

What are your personal favourite Lonvitalité products and why?

Rochelle: My favourite product is our Coconut Milk Hydrating & Nourishing Mask which is an absolute winner for me. It’s super hydrating and with travelling as much as I do, it’s a staple in my toiletries bag!
My other go-to product is our C8 Collagen & Crystal Eye masks and they are my morning salvation with early starts and 3 young kids. I have been known to drive with them on and peel them off just before an appointment!

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