Why Pink is the New Black

June 1, 2017
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From the runway, to the fashion it-girl’s insta-feed, millennial pink seems to be everywhere this season. But what exactly is this mystical hue, and how can you incorporate it into your life… stat.

Millenial pink, unlocked

Sometimes referred to as ‘Tumblr Pink’ and ‘Scandi Pink’, Millenial Pink is a super toned down version of the bright barbie pink – as if all the blue elements have been removed. It sits anywhere from a soft blush to a peach-salmon. Now trending in the fashion, beauty and the homewares space, thanks to both fashion designers and celebrities leading the charge.

The hue has been embraced by today’s generation, not simply because it’s très chic, but because of the political statement it makes. In the modern era of gender fluidity, pink is no longer just for girls, and millennial pink embraces this huge cultural shift.

Think pink

The good news is, this is a colour that’s extremely easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Often paired with a soft ‘serenity’ blue – Pantone’s 2016 Colours of the Year – white or khaki for a chic colour combo.

Start with an accessory first before diving in; bags, jewellery or phone cases make a sassy statement.  Our favourite way to add the pretty pastel into your wardrobe? A neutral pink sneaker! A subtle and casual way to inject the seasons latest colour into your wardobe.

Pout it out

Pink lips are also trending, thanks in part to the marketing machine that is Kylie Jenner, and her Lip Kits. A lipstick anywhere between nude and coral will have you pouting pretty. Lips aren’t really your thing? Join in with the rest of the beauty world with the latest craze on peach toned eyeshadows. Warmer colours are a perfect pick to take you from a daytime natural look, to night time peach-toned perfection.

The hue for your home

If you’re not one for a peachy toned wardrobe or blush beauty hues, why not pink up your living space? If you’re a lover of minimal designs and neutral colour palettes, adding subtle touches of pink could be the perfect way to liven up your home. White or neutral bedding? Add in pink toned pillows or a throw to give your bedroom a modern edge. As for your dining area, a peach toned table runner or place mats can turn your space from cold to cool in an instant. Living area looking a little too lived in? Why not invest in some pastel pink pillows, to give your space the millennial edge it’s been craving.

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