Party Perfection

March 25, 2018
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When the sun goes down and the night rolls in, it’s time to hit the town! Whether you’ve got a party to hit, a ladies’ night out or a hot date on the cards, we’ve got your party pout covered with the season’s hottest “after dark” makeup trends.

Glitter is Everything

Glitter made a welcome comeback this year. The reoccurring theme at New York Fashion Week’s A/w16 season was as gilded at it gets, and we couldn’t be happier. Word of advice? Don’t be shy. Apply glitter to the outer corners of your eyes for a dash of sparkle, or dramatise your lids with a gorgeous glitter eye shadow. If you’re one for colouring outside of the eyes, use glitter as a brow liner to arch up your bows for a fresh new look.

Go Goth

Goth is in when it comes to the season’s hottest makeup trends. For the ultimate party pout, think Nancy Down’s vampy lips in the Craft; big, bold and far from boring. Let your lips do all the talking in rich reds, pretty plums and opaque, matte black shades. Perfect for a blank canvas or flirty finished eyes. For that extra oomph, brush over your luscious lips with gloss.

Colour Your Lashes

Put down that boring, old, “safe” black mascara you always apply and bat your lashes in style this season with something a bit more vibrant. Mix and match a bright lash hue, like red, yellow or cobalt blue with either a complementary streak of eyeliner or wear it solo. Whatever route you go down, your lashes will be 100% wink-worthy all night long.

It’s Time to Brush Up

Celebrities like Hayley Baldwin, Jessica Alba and Cara Delevingne have all been totally fixated on brushed-up brows, and we can see why. They’re a lot edgier than a filled-in brow, and somehow look more groomed as well. No matter the kind of brows you’re working with – full-bodied or sleek and skinny, this look is something you can easily master. Check out this YouTube tutorial for visual inspiration.


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