Beauty Brand To Know (and Love): Grown Alchemist

November 16, 2017
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As the millennials say, “don’t panic, it’s organic!” and when it comes to skincare, these are words to live by. So without further ado, we’re excited to introduce a new generation of organic skincare lovers and environmental activists taking the beauty industry by storm. In fact you may have already heard of them (they’re kind of a big deal right now), Grown Alchemist.

Here at the Brands Exclusive HQ, we can proudly say that we are major cheerleaders for this game-changing brand. But before we start shaking our pom poms, we want to tell you why their products are our favourite (and soon-to-be yours) top shelf must-haves.

It all starts with their philosophy that we should be able to achieve real beauty results without the “assistance” of harmful chemicals. To put those words into action, every skincare formulation by Grown Alchemist comprises of natural technologies, revolutionising the tried and true anti-ageing solutions that often flood mainstream media.

In every stylishly packaged product (seriously, every bottle will take centre stage on your dresser), you’ll find results-driven formulas made from certified organic botanical ingredients and powerful natural actives that are used to achieve better beauty results minus the nasty chemicals. Oh and did we mention every bottle is made from glass and PET plastic? This means that their packaging is not only good for your health, it’s good for the environment too.

Another reason to love Grown Alchemist? They respect animals! (Archie is wagging his tail as we type). So no, they do not test on animals and every product is free from animal ingredients. Big thumbs up!

Now that we’ve cheered for the brand’s love for animal welfare, the environment and Mother Nature’s luscious ingredients, we wanted to leave you with a scientific sayonara. The reason why Grown Alchemist products react so well to our skin is because of biology. According to the Grown Alchemist team, “Our body recognises the synergistic molecular structure of their uniquely natural formulae and utilises rather than rejects it. Grown Alchemist proudly boasts a team of cosmetic chemists based in London, Paris and Australia, all relentlessly in the pursuit of perfect formulas that demonstrate efficacy powerful enough to evolve your beauty by improving your skin texture and appearance.” Well then. Please now excuse us while we go and click “add to cart” stat.

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