5 No-Fuss Christmas Games to Keep Kids Entertained

December 20, 2016
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If you’re hosting the family Christmas feast this year, we take our hat off to you. It’s a big day full of busy jobs you’ve no doubt been planning for weeks now. Throw a bunch of kids into the mix and you’ve officially hit madness! So, to take one task off your hands, we’re sharing five Christmas games that’ll keep the little ones entertained. We’ve made them as fuss-free as possible so all you need to do is print and delegate!

Candy Cane Hunt
Inspired by the classic Easter egg hunt, this easy-to-plan game is a welcome treat for kids on Christmas Day. Stock up on inexpensive candy cane lollies and stash them throughout the garden and play area before guests arrive. Head to your local craft store for baskets or lolly bags kids can use for the hunt and take their treasures home in.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph
Forget the donkey – this game stars Rudolph, and he’s missing his bright red nose! Pick up a large piece of cardboard stock at the local newsagency, and try your hand at a rough reindeer outline. Cut a big red circle from a separate sheet of red paper to act as the nose, and find an old scarf to cover the kids’ eyes as they play. It’s a great game to set up near the dining area so the whole family can watch.

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Water Attack
It’s tough to find an Aussie adult who didn’t spend a childhood summer under the home sprinkler, so why not reinvent this retro idea with some fuss-free additions. Add some buckets and plastic cups to the mix, with a few water balloons thrown in for good measure, and let the kids get wet! Be sure to let parents know your plan so they can bring swimwear for kids to change in and out of.

Gift Stacking Challenge
You’ll already have what you need for this Christmas game – empty gift boxes and leftover wrapping paper. Create two stacks of empty Christmas gifts, and divide your group into two teams. Every team will carry and balance their stack from one point to another, and the team that completes a round first, wins. When stacks are dropped the carrier heads back to their starting point to try again. Make it more challenging for older kids by including obstacles between points.

Festive Movies & Jigsaw Puzzles
Be sure to include a quiet, sun-free option for kids when the energy levels start to wane. As the parents continue the party into the evening, flick on a festive movie the kids can kick back and relax to. For those with idle hands, spread out a jigsaw puzzle close by for a fun challenge they can dip in and out of throughout the film.

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