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December 28, 2016
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Made the decision to get more fit in 2017? Is your New Year’s resolution to explore more places on the weekend and make the most of the Great Outdoors? That’s all great in theory, but you’ll need a high-quality pair of hiking boots to do so. Enter Merrell.

Providing high-performance and top-tier technology to help you reach new heights and achieve your goals, Merrell offers a great range of footwear to take you from the shops to summits and everywhere in between.

Speedy success

merrell footwear

Merrell’s story stretches back to 1981, where Randy Merrell began creating what were quickly being described as “the best hiking boots ever made” by the brand’s customers. The US publication Backpacker Magazine then went on to describe the footwear as “the most comfortable and functional boots in North America”.

From there, Merrell went from strength to strength, continuously creating durable, superb-quality footwear and apparel. The brand takes its design and product innovation very seriously, and everything it makes is built to be used.

Functional footwear

Supporting you every step of the way, Merrell always aims to provide comfort, an out-of-the-box fit and style for every hike, run and ramble that you undertake outside. Whether you’re fording streams or stomping through mud and puddles, you’ll need hiking boots that are tough enough to combat the elements. Merrell footwear does just this.

Merrell footwear began with lightweight leather uppers, before these were built upon for a more agile athletic platform. The result provided runners and hikers with speed, stability and durability. It was the first in a long line of multi-sport and cross-training styles designed to help the brand’s customer’s go further, faster.

Striding ahead

merrell footwear

Not a brand to stand still, Merrell continues to take strides ahead into the future. Constantly innovating new technologies and products to encourage its customers to get outside, Merrell will undoubtedly continue to innovate well into its next 30 years as a business.

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