Men’s Christmas Day Outfit Ideas

December 19, 2016
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Last week we rounded up the best Christmas Day outfits for the ladies, but don’t think we’re forgetting the fellas. And although the big day should be all about comfort, you’ll also want a more dressed-up option for Christmas lunch and when the family cameras come out.

From summer shirts to tailored shorts, here are some must-have men’s outfit ideas for Christmas Day.

Keep it light and airy

Although much of the Northern Hemisphere enjoys pulling out quirky Christmas jumpers during this time of year, it’s far too hot for all that Down Under. We’ll have to save the ugly sweaters for Christmas in July. Instead, you’ll want to keep your look light and airy – which doesn’t mean you can’t still dress smart. A lightweight cotton shirt or shorts will do the trick nicely.

Add some colour

Christmas is a time of cheer, so your wardrobe should reflect this. A bright red or green shirt will obviously instantly say festive fun, while prints will also brighten things up and add some personality to your Christmas look. Extra points for finding a shirt or pair of shorts featuring a festive print such as candy canes. We might not be able to wear jumpers, but that’s not to say we can’t wear ugly prints!

Sharpen up

As mentioned, comfort is key at Christmas – but it’s still a great excuse to get dressed up. If you’re planning to have Christmas lunch inside round the table, prop a fan next to you and don your sharpest blazer, shirt and chinos. Still a bit stifling? Tailored shorts are a great substitute for pants; you could even find a pair to match your blazer for a play on the traditional suit.

Remember the finishing touches

Christmas Outfits

Like most outfits, it’s the details that make all the difference. Christmas Day is no different, so make sure you footwear and accessories are on point. A bowtie and pair of brown or tan brogues will work well with your smarter look, while a straw hat and sunnies will polish off your down-time style with ease.

Whatever you decide to wear on Christmas Day, make sure you have a blast and spend it with the ones you love. And if all else fails, throw on some board shorts and head to the beach! We might not have the snow, but building a sandman can be just as fun.

Merry Christmas!

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