Melbourne Fashion Week 2018: Designers To Look Out For

August 1, 2018
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From August 31st to September 7th, the city of Melbourne gets taken over by the wild world of fashion.

Expect to see the most eclectic new looks, wildest designs and the most unique local and international designers on the radar.

With over 300 designers making their way to Melbourne Fashion Week this year, we’ve picked out some of our favorites that you should look out for.

Check out our top picks…




Insta: @cmeocollective


Experimental looks that influence future trends.

Each C/MEO range stands alone in its complexity and thematic appeal – whether it’s bold patterns, premium fabrics or use of strong silhouettes, every range by C/MEO features its own independent look and feel.

Created in 2010 and adorned today by celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid, C/MEO is definitely one to look out for at Melbourne Fashion Week 2018.




Insta: @alpha60thelabel


A fresh take on classic looks, peppered with sophistication.

Bringing its massive creative influence to life from a humble studio in Collingwood, this Melbournian label has made a memorable mark on Aussie fashion in the last few years.

This boutique fashion label boasts some of the most beautiful straight cut dresses and form-draping pieces, creating perfectly subtle looks that feel great.




Insta: @jacklondon_official


1960s rock n’ roll – presented in a well-tailored suit.

This classic menswear brand is inspired by the mods and rockers of the 1960s in Europe and Britain. This Melbourne-based favourite can be found in stores all over the country, featuring some razor-sharp jackets, trousers, tops & shoes made to fit those looking for that confrontational edge, all the while staying sharp and smart.






Celebrating femininity through floral designs & smooth, fitting forms.

Asilio designs are all about praising femininity through the use of beautiful florals and shapely stitching. The perfect label for confident, modern women everywhere who appreciate feminine style in the everyday.




Insta: @corepret


Conscious ethical styles for new paradigms in fashion.

This independent label draws influence from its socially conscious vision. This progressive brand strives to question modern social values with forward-thinking designs and out-of-the-box looks, breaking down preconceptions about discarded materials and opening up the conversation around ethical fashion.




Insta: @amxandernow


An eclectic blend of cultural quirks from East Asia to Australia.

AMXANDER takes its inspiration from modern social symbolism. With firm footing in East Asian and Australian cultural motifs, this unique design duo has been known to create collections inspired by Japanese biker gangs to Australian PE teachers and everything in between.




Insta: @erik_yvon


Strong Mauritian-inspired looks that transcend seasons.

Inspired by our everyday environments, artists and world cultures, this Melbournian designer boasts a unique mix of texture, colour, and shape. Strong colourful themes create a trans-seasonal collection that complements its environment beautifully.


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