Maternity Clothing: What to Wear While You’re Pregnant

October 7, 2016
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Being pregnant is an exceptionally exciting time in your life, but there’s no denying it comes with its own little set of challenges around what to wear. The good news is that it doesn’t have to mean the end of your days as a style-queen! Follow these five simple maternity clothing tips to look and feel amazing as you grow that miniature human.

Embrace your bump under fitted dresses and tops

Forget trying to hide under dresses that are two sizes too big for you! Sure, your bump will fit, but when everything else is baggy you’ll just look larger than you are. Instead, invest in high-quality maternity clothing that fits you everywhere, and be proud of that baby you’re growing!

Put your favourite shoes into storage

You’ll probably want to avoid wearing heels throughout most of your pregnancy (for obvious reasons) but you may not have thought about your broader shoe cupboard. Keep in mind that your feet – just like the rest of your body – tend to swell during pregnancy. If you continue to wear your favourite flats throughout your pregnancy you’ll probably find that they’re stretched and *sniff* unwearable post-pregnancy.


Splurge a little

Sure, you don’t want to spend your life savings on a new wardrobe that you’ll only get to wear for nine months at a time, but it is important that you feel comfortable and beautiful as you and your bump grow. Choose a few key pieces to splurge on, and keep an eye out for more affordable, on-trend options when they go on sale.

Colour is your friend

This tip falls firmly under the ‘embrace your bump’ category too! We love black, but don’t hide under it every single day! Announce your blooming bod’ to the world with gorgeous colours and flattering prints, be proud of the little miracle you’re cooking, and flaunt it in gorgeous colourful maternity clothing whenever you can.

Accessorise. Accessorise. Accessorise.

Feel like you’re wearing the same look, day in and day out? Change it up with your choice of accessories. Dangling earrings are a great way to draw attention away from a fuller face, and a long, statement necklace can draw attention towards your fuller (yay!) chest.

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