Kim Kardashian’s Secret to Glowing Skin

October 20, 2017
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Forget the ghoulish vampire facial, Kim Kardashian has a simpler approach to beautiful skin these days. She’s made the FOREO LUNA face brush a staple in her beauty kit, taking advantage of the cute and compact deep cleaning solution when it comes to being selfie-ready.

And it’s not just the Kardashian “kween” that’s keen on this revolutionary gadget. Beauty junkies, beauty bloggers, and famous glossies around the globe are obsessed with the handy face brush, too. So much so it’s not uncommon to see it sell out instantly when it hits retail stores. But fear not, there’s no need to stand in line for this savvy beauty essential here. Brands Exclusive is excited to share the FOREO LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush with its members for less!

Foreo LUNA Mini Face Cleaner

Why we love the LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush
The revolutionary anti-aging and facial-cleansing system is recommended by beauty professionals worldwide as a convenient way to get cleaner, firmer, more youthful looking skin. By combining smooth silicone with T-Sonic pulsations, the LUNA gently lifts away dirt, oil, and makeup residue leaving skin smoother and brighter.

Just two minutes in the morning is all it takes for your face to reap the beautiful benefits including improved absorption of skincare products (talk about smart investing!), radiant skin, reduced blemishes, unclogged pores, reduction of dead skin cells, and healthier looking skin. The waterproof design makes it easy to work into your daily routine – be it at the basin or in the shower – and its compact nature makes it an easy tool to toss in your toiletries bag when travelling.

Foreo Luna Face Cleaner

FOREO is all about self-confidence. It specialises in innovative beauty and well-being products that help you put your best self forward! The Swedish brand was founded in 2013 under the motto of: confidence makes life more vibrant, and it’s the recipient of numerous awards for revolutionary technology and design. It pairs world-class experts and engineers at the FOREO Institute to make your morning routine easier, faster, and brighter!

Foreo Face Cleanser

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