How to Keep Your Hair Looking Good in Humidity

October 16, 2017
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Call it bad luck, moody weather, or climate change, we’ve got a huge problem in Australia and that’s the fact that a clear blue sky can be replaced with a massive rainstorm, bringing with it mugginess, humidity, and a whole lot of frizz. Sick and tired of spending ages perfecting your straightened hair, only to have nature take all your hard work and turn it into what looks like a bird’s nest on your head? So are we, and that’s why we’ve searched far and wide to find the best ways to keep your hair looking good when it’s humid.

Wash Your Hair Less

Most shampoos these days contain harsh sulfates and chemicals that can cause hair to dry out and lose its natural oils. While this can normally be manageable on its own, when coupled with humid weather it leads to disastrous hair that neither looks or feels good. To keep frizz at bay, we suggest shampooing your hair once every two or three days, or replacing your regular shampoo with one that is natural and mild. It also never hurts to use a good protein-rich conditioner afterwards to keep moisture locked into your hair.

Get Rid of all Moisture in Your Hair

Whether it’s before straightening or just before leaving your house, make sure your hair is always completely dry. Give your hair enough time after the shower to rid of all its moisture before you turn on your hair straightener, and for the love of God don’t straighten your hair just before stepping out into the humidity.

Invest in a Good Hair Straightener

They say a bad workman blames his tools, but sometimes the tools are actually the problem. The quality difference between budget hair straighteners and more professional brands is huge, and if you’re looking to enjoy straighter, healthier, and smoother hair for longer then make sure you’re investing in a piece that is well made.

Don’t Forget The Smoothing Conditioner

If you’re not already using a smoothing conditioner on your hair, it’s time you did. Smoothing conditioners, straightening balms, and hair oils all make a world of difference when applied onto straightened hair, as they help protect it from heat while also preventing frizz from rearing its ugly head. Apply smoothing conditioner after straightening your hair, to seal your hairstyle in its place and stop the gluggy humidity from turning it to frizz.

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