Jennifer Lopez Jewellery: Behind the Collection

October 3, 2016
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There are some celebs who seem to know how to look great all the time. Like, seriously – all the time. How is that even a thing? Jennifer Lopez is one of these lucky A-Listers who appears to do no wrong in the style department, which is why we’re so excited about the singer’s stunning jewellery range by Endless.

We go behind the collection and find out what it is that makes J. Lo’s jewellery so awesome. And why at the end of the day, it’s not perfection we should be chasing after. It’s about finding your own unique style, which is what Jenny from the Block has always been about.

Jennifer Lopez

The Endless Search for Perfection

The road to perfection is long and tough. And, by the time we get close to achieving what we perceive as the ideal, the standards have changed. So why not be the one to set the next trend? Be fun, be quirky, but more than anything: be yourself. That’s what Endless Jewelry is all about.

Since its launch in 2013, Danish brand Endless Jewelry has established itself in more than 20 countries with over 3000 shops in Europe alone. The company designs colourful leather bracelets and over 450 gold and sterling silver charms.

Endless Jewelry launches the eagerly awaited SS16 collection, which taps into a growing trend worldwide. A trend that challenges the idea of perfect Instagram images and impossible ideals, by encouraging women to break away from the pressure for socially deemed perfection, and embrace the beauty they were born with. The ideal icon for Endless Jewelry as the ultimate embodiment of empowerment, Jennifer Lopez is the Co-Designer, Brand Ambassador and inspiration behind this sensational collection.

Jennifer Lopez

Be Yourself (Like J. Lo)

Like J. Lo herself, the jewellery is unique and stylish, with a selection of single, double and triple wrap leather bracelets in a wide range of colours, from teal and metallic to sand and black. To complement the bracelets, Jennifer Lopez has designed a slew of charms with an endless touch. Each one echoes an attitude of personal power, like the fierceness of a claw, seashells that represent the alluring universe of the ocean, and birthstones destined to give you strength. Impressed yet?

So many women live multi-faceted lives: as wives, mothers, girlfriends, daughters and more. We do it all! This is why we’re indispensable to others but often can’t see that in ourselves. The Endless SS16 collection is a tribute to the woman behind every role she plays in her life. Jewellery should be more than something that adorns the body. It should allow a woman to feel beautiful from within, by acknowledging her self-worth and wearing colours that reflect her personality. Endless is designed to let women celebrate their uniqueness, compliment themselves, each other and spread positivity.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez always believed in herself and her potential, never changing her image for the sake of others. She is the living proof you should stand by your dreams, your body, your true self and your personal way of being. She has shown that when you confidently exude the flaws that make you, you – you’re even more beautiful inside and out.

The new collection offers women a way to personalise their jewellery choices by letting them mix and match designs to stand out from the crowd. This brand is endless in its options for individual flair. Love your personality, your style, your way.

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