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November 10, 2016
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When it comes to men’s style, the key is to keep it clean, simple and timeless. Sure, trends are fun to try out now and again, but it’s far more worthwhile to build an ageless capsule wardrobe that will see you from season to season.

Enter Autonomy. The unique and contemporary menswear brand focuses on creating designs that will team with anything and remain in your collection a lifetime. We caught up with Bryan Colling, Autonomy’s Online Director & Accessories Buyer, to discover more about the emerging Australian label.


Tell us how Autonomy came to be.

The Autonomy brand was created by Nick Demkiw in 2003. As a prominent graphic designer, DJ and music producer, he is immersed in the world of contemporary expression and thrives on bringing his creative visions to life. Autonomy is an expression of style that embodies a freedom from conformity and distinctive state of mind.

Our unique collections have forged a legion of loyal followers who thrive on their diversity, originality and offbeat personality. From humble beginnings as an exclusive range of t-shirts, the label has proudly grown to a diverse product offering for the modern man.

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What makes Autonomy unique in the world of men’s fashion?

At Autonomy, our designs emphasise quality, superior fit and abiding style. We like to add little surprising details and that extra bit of care. Now, more than ever, fashion needs to be offering quality, durable, long-lasting pieces that people can enjoy, treasure, and wear to death. All our products are locally designed with our customers in mind. Having been around for 13 years, we’re proud of what we do and how far we’ve come.

Our minimalist take means you spend less time agonising over what to wear in the morning and more time getting things done.

What advice would you give to men who might be a bit stuck or uninspired in the style department?

We come from a place where style means not copying those around you, but daring to be an individual. People who are lacking inspiration maybe need to look a little deeper to discover some of the really cool clothing that is being designed around the world –  Instagram is a great place to start. I think in this day and age, choosing something that’s not mass-produced or the most accessible is forefront in our minds. Looking around and finding well-made and interesting pieces for your wardrobe might take a little more effort, but you reap the rewards for years to come.

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How important do you think trends are in men’s fashion? Or is it more about creating a timeless capsule wardrobe?

At Autonomy, we don’t rely on following trends; we offer tried and tested everyday essentials that our customers continue to come back for. Having a wardrobe that meshes well together and is effortless to mix and match is a must these days – and our minimalist take means you spend less time agonising over what to wear in the morning and more time getting things done.

Tell us a bit about the Autonomy collection we’re selling on Brands Exclusive.

This capsule represents how Autonomy sees the modern man’s essentials – classic tees, printed shirts, function seamlessly working with form. Perfect for the upcoming summer season, it is the refined sense of casual style that Autonomy has come to be known for.

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How about the future, what’s next for Autonomy? Any exciting plans for 2017?

We are really excited about our A/W17 range that’s just been finished – our style is being refined year by year so that it’s now at a place we’re really proud of. Apart from that, you might just have to check back with us next year to see some of the exciting things we’re up to!

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