Inexpensive Summer Activities For Kids

December 18, 2017
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School’s out for summer and you haven’t a clue how to keep your kids entertained all season long. Christmas is also coming up, which means the purse strings are getting tighter. Never fear! Entertain your little ones all summer long and stay within budget with these inexpensive activities for kids.

Play Dress Up

No matter your age, playing dress up is always so fun! Whether you let your little fashionista wear your precious pearls, summer hats and dresses, or you step your costume game up by crafting cool robot, superhero and alien costumes from scratch, this activity will ensure banana split smiles throughout the whole household.

Host a Slumber Party

Think fun food platters, movies and games! To ensure your little ones and their partying slumber pals actually get more than a wink’s sleep, keep the guest list short, set house rules and a firm bedtime, and serve sugar-free, healthy snacks.

Try Yoga For Kids

For something a little bit different; why not try yoga with your little one? A great way to boost the mind, body and spirit, it will also help your kids relax and quieten down before bedtime. No need to enrol in a class, you can find kid-friendly yoga classes on YouTube and practice for free and from the comfort of your own home. Check out a great YouTube tutorial here.

Host a Dance Off

Whether you decide to invite all of your kids’ school pals over to your place or keep it within the family, host a dance off by making room in the lounge room for a dance floor. Light things up with a disco ball or fairy lights and create the ultimate playlist on iTunes. To fuel a little competition, have fun prices for first, second and third place.

Remember, where safety follows fun, keep valuables away from the “d-floor” to avoid anything getting broken!


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