How to Enhance Your Curves

July 3, 2016
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Oh boy, do we heart a straight-up-and-down figure. Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts, Kate Moss and Kiera Knightly are just some of the living proof that all the Beyoncés out there don’t have to ‘run the world’. But if you’re not always feeling the androgynous vibe, or you just want to bump your hourglass beyond half-past from time to time, here are five tricks for creating the illusion of totally strut-able hips.


Make friends with a peplum or two (or three or four).

This fit ‘n’ flare style seen in tops, dresses, knits, jackets and skirts cinch in the waist and flutter out over the hips, directing volume where you want it most. Peplums can be ruffled, frothy and billowy, sleek, structured and dramatic, asymmetrical, form-fitting or lovely and loose, and they all come with a zero-effort hourglass silhouette.


Pleats, darts, tucks and cuffs – think tailored!

Get yourself into a pair of high-waisted tailored shorts, pants or culottes, stat! Opt for styles with plenty of room in the leg and a wide waistband that will slim and elongate your midsection. By nipping in the waist and floating over your hips rather than hugging them, this flattering cut is enormously sympathetic to gals who sometimes feel for all the world like a brick. Remember to tuck your top to flaunt that waistline.


Trick the eye with sideways patterns.

Horizontal stripes in particular have a widening effect, so it’s best to keep them to your lower half only and wear a slimming, inconspicuous colour up the top, like black, charcoal or navy. Experiment with loud ‘look-at-me’ prints in the same way and watch those ‘snake hips’ slither away.


Loosen up with baggy cuts.

Not only will a relaxed fit hide larger hips, they also hide the absence of curves because they barely accentuate your body shape at all. No-one has to know what’s actually going on – or not going on – down there where your baby-bearers should be. So slip that svelte bod into smocks, shifts and your boyfriend’s shirts for an exercise in stealthy styling.


Consider stepping up your gym game.

If you don’t mind working a little harder for your curves, focus your exercise regime around your butt, stomach and thighs. By firming up these areas you’ll bring your natural waist and hips out of hiding, perk up your backside and enhance your naturally sporty physique.

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