How to Decorate a Kids’ Room the Right Way

March 23, 2016
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Forget everything you know about decorating. When it comes to kids’ rooms, you’ve got permission to bend the rules and get creative. There’s no room here for decorating buzz words such as ‘effortless chic’ or ‘on-trend pieces’, it’s about going bold, going bright, and getting imaginative. Have fun with these tips on how to decorate your kids room the right way.

There’s Always Room for Rugs
With all the fun and games going down in this room, it’s essential to add a soft spot with a rug. Kids’ rugs are a great way to add inexpensive colour and texture to a room, while protecting much-loved floors from the chaos. Choose a rectangle rug to define a play area in a large space, or a round rug to add a cosy touch to small rooms.

Have Fun with Bedlinen
Explore a cacophony of colour with striking kids’ quilt cover sets. Be it the exotic animals of the jungle, or the quirky use of shapes and spots, there’s an endless array of looks to inspire from big bedding brands. Keep your eyes peeled for reversible quilt covers that let you reinvent an imaginative room, instantly.

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Explore Another World with Art
The best art picks are those you’re instantly drawn to, so get the kids involved with this essential. A fuss-free way to find the perfect piece is to narrow a selection down for your little one to make the final call on. This ensures the winning piece will complement the already existing style and palette of the room.

Add A Comfy Seat for Mum and Dad
Both parents and bub will be spending a lot of time in this room, so be sure it’s suited to everyone’s needs. A designated chair is a welcome addition for mums and dads settling in for feeding or reading duties. Choose a chair with low arms and a back to rest on to make things as comfy as possible, and keep in mind the already existing look of your child’s furniture for a seamless look.

Store with Style
Storage is non-negotiable in this busy room, but there’s no need to sacrifice on style when it comes to keeping the space neat and organised. Think flexible solutions such as stackable shelving with character, woven shelf inserts that hide the not-so-glamorous essentials, and patterned fabric baskets to keep toys neat and easily accessible.

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