How to Choose the Perfect Suit

May 26, 2016
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If there’s one thing in a man’s wardrobe he needs to get right, it’s suiting. Not only because a suit can be quite a sizeable investment, but because it’s so noticeable when it’s done wrong! We’ve all seen those guys walking around the city in ill-fitting suits… never a good look.

But fear not, dapper friends. We’ve got the advice you need to avoid sartorial slip ups. Thank us later.

The Fit
Perhaps the most important aspect to getting your suit right, the fit can really make or break your tailoring. In an ideal world we’d only buy made-to-measure suits, but when you’re on a budget this isn’t always possible.

When choosing an off-the-rack suit, there are several factors to look out for. A well-fitted shoulder should lay flat and the seam on top needs to be the same length as the bone underneath it. It should meet the sleeve of the suit where your arm meets your shoulder.

Close a single-breasted jacket with only one button when you’re testing the fit – even if it’s a three-button jacket. The two sides should meet neatly without the lapels hanging off your body, or the lower edges flaring out.

Make sure to stand up straight when trying the suit on, as you need to see what it looks like in your natural stance. No lounging, fellas!

The Fabric
Depending on the occasion or season you’re buying the suit for, you’ll need to think carefully about its fabric. Woollen styles are obviously more suitable for the colder months, while lightweight cotton and linen are better when temperatures rise. For transitional months, we’d suggest opting for a suit in a wool and cotton blend.

If your suit is for work, a cotton style is the most popular option, for comfort and breathability when commuting. That said, a woollen suit creates a classic appeal that’s perfect for that “dandy gentleman” look you see all over London’s prestigious Savile Row.

The Cut & Colour
Like the fit, the cut of your suit can also really make or break the look. A notch lapel suggests a modern style, while a peak lapel exudes a more traditional and even quirky vibe.

When it comes to the colour of your suit, seasonality and occasion should again be taken into consideration. That said, we would recommend opting for a couple of timeless styles in your wardrobe that you can wear season after season. For this, turn to navy, brown or grey. Navy is the most contemporary choice for suiting, whereas black tends to be reserved for very formal events.

If you’re feeling confident, why not invest in a brightly-coloured or printed suit? Ok, you won’t wear this every day. But it’ll be ideal for those occasions you want to make a style statement and turn heads for all the right reasons.

The Final Touches
Finally, no man’s sartorial look is complete without the stylish finishing touches. A textured or printed tie can add an extra dash of panache to a look, while silver cufflinks seal the deal with style. A modern gent with a penchant for classic appeal might also want to pop a pocket square in his jacket’s top pocket, again evoking the spirit of London’s Savile Row.

Whatever suit you decide to add to your wardrobe, just remember to wear it with confidence; it’s the most stylish aspect to a man’s look of all.

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