How to Buy Your Girlfriend Jewellery

May 26, 2016
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If you’re looking to impress someone special with a gift of jewellery, a cheap bangle from the mass-produced mess at your local chain store isn’t going to cut it. So here are a few suggestions to steer you in the right direction when it comes to buying the right piece of jewellery.

Look at Her
You’ve no doubt done a good amount of this already, but we’re talking about taking a closer look at the details. How would you describe her style of clothing? Notice how she dresses for different occasions such as work, dinner and parties. Does she have a favourite necklace you could match a pair of earrings with? Does she prefer to wear gold or silver, chunky or delicate pieces, designer works or handmade creations?

Listen to Her
Take a detour on your next shopping trip and wander past some jewellery store windows to see if anything catches her eye. When she drops a hint about a piece she likes or a style she’s loving, file it away for that next special occasion.

Go for Colour
Forget everything you heard about diamonds being a girl’s best friend. There’s an abundance of beautiful-coloured stones out there that cost a lot less and are equally as precious. Make your gift more personal by looking up her birthstone, or take some time to research the meaning behind certain colours and crystals that remind you of her.

Don’t forget watches. They’re a great idea when you want to
give jewellery without “giving jewellery”.

Ask for Advice
If your sleuthing skills aren’t up to scratch, turn to her sister or friends for advice. Be sure to pick someone you know won’t spill your secret, and someone who’s familiar with your girlfriend’s style. Keep in mind it’s your gift to give, so take advice on board, but make sure the final decision is yours.

Steer Clear of Rings
Centuries of symbolism have made this a risky gift to give. Think promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings that have all resulted in awkward misunderstandings. It’s best to avoid this option for new relationships and those not willing to commit just yet.

Choose Quality Over Quantity
One small, good piece of jewellery will always leave a lasting impression as opposed to a large, cheap piece or flimsy set.

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