How to be a Better Parent in 2018

January 10, 2018
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A new year brings countless promises to be a better business owner, better gym-goer and better all-round human being. But what about reserving your resolutions this year to help others than yourself? In particular, your little rascals.

Whether it’s encouraging creativity or setting boundaries, these parenting tips will offer some sound advice on – you guessed it – how to be a better parent in 2017. Your kids will thank you for it.

Encourage creativity.

Yes, TV and tablets have their place. But nothing truly beats a good old fashioned pad of paper, a pen, pencil and box of crayons. Let their minds run wild.

Get outside.

It’s summer, which means there’s really no reason to be stuck inside. Make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen to your kids (and yourself) before heading out into the Great Outdoors.

Educate open minds.

There’s only so much your kids can learn in a classroom, so continue the education at home. Teach your kids to have open minds and above all else, to be kind and considerate people.

Stop comparing.

This is a difficult one, but like with all aspects in life – it’s unhealthy to keep comparing yourself to others. Focus on your own parenting style and you’ll be fine – we promise.

Embrace change.

Change is the only constant in life. The same can definitely be said for kids, who one minute will have their arms around you and the next will keep their distance. Ride the waves.


Adapt your parenting.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to parenting. Every child is different, so your parenting style should be adaptable.

Nurture individuality.

Following on from the previous point, individuality is something that should be encouraged – not hindered. Teach your children to be themselves and follow their own path.

Set rules.

It’s important for your kids to learn from a young age that there needs to be limits and boundaries in life. Be firm but fair when setting rules.

Be consistent.

Setting rules won’t work unless your children understand they’re non-negotiable. Don’t let your rules vary, or your kids won’t know when they’ve overstepped the line.

Have fun.

As we all know, youth goes pretty damn fast. Enjoy parenting and your kids will enjoy their childhood just as much. After all, we’re all big kids at heart, right?

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