Handbag Trends for Summer 2016/17

October 12, 2016
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You can tell how a woman carries herself from the way she carries her handbag. We’re all unique, and our arm candy should be a reflection of this. Whatever your style, put your best arm forward by completing all your summer outfits with these go-to spring/summer trends!

Saddle Bags

This must-have style has become a fixture on every girl’s arm over the past year, and there’s no sign of it making its way to the back of the wardrobe any time soon! Coming in a variety of colours and sizes, the 70s’ classic is the It shape for the season.


Say goodbye to the days of aching shoulders with the introduction of the microbag. Measuring between 12 and 15cm on average, they’re just large enough to fit your phone. You’ll never have to worry about over-packing again!

Cross Body

Fashion so often asks us to trade function for style, but with this versatile bag, you can have it both ways. Adjustable straps make it easy to have your bag always sit at the right height. Style it with a long strap for ease of access on a carefree afternoon, or remove the strap and you have the perfect clutch for a night out!


Handbags should never be overlooked. Monochromatic colours like black and tan may be timeless, but they’re hardly exciting for the eye. Hot off the runway, designers are experimenting with bright and bold patterns that are perfect for spring. With these colour-blocks, your bag will demand attention!

Embellishment and Embroidery

Bring a new dimension to your summer outfits by teaming them with an embellished bag. The runways are showcasing so many sophisticated ways to take on this unique style. Think: embroidery, gem encrusted, optical illusions and crazy prints. To really nail the look, you need to be brave!

Exotic Textures

Show off just how fierce you can be with exotic textures. Bohemian luxury is all the rage right now, and your handbag is dying to get with this trend. Make a statement with fur or animal skin. Thinking this trend is a bit too exotic? Don’t stress! You can get these fab prints not only in bold hues but also natural tones. Don’t forget to go faux though!

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