How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home

February 26, 2018
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There is no better feeling than a fresh set of nails. Although the hefty price tag means a lot of women go without a fresh manicure, despite wanting one. We decided to write a step-by-step guide to achieving salon-fresh manicures at home, without having to budget the expenses into your weekly wage.

Step One
First things first- have your tools ready to go, so you won’t be fiddling around trying to find things when your nails should be drying. No, this doesn’t just mean nail polish, in fact there’s quite a few tools you’ll need to achieve a professional quality manicure.

– Nail polish remover
– Cotton buds
– Emery board
– Nail buffer
– Cuticle pusher/ cuticle remover
– Hand and Nail Moisturise
– Base coat
– Nail polish
– Top coat

Step Two
Remove any nail polish that you already have on, even if you will be repainting your nails in a darker colour. It may seem obvious, but by starting with a fresh base, your nails won’t appear too lumpy, but instead smooth and even.

Step three
Get your nails into shape! If need be, clip your nails to get them all at an even length, and then file them into any shape you like. For example, a square or round shape.

After the nails are all equally shaped, make them shine by buffering the top and sides of each nail.

Step Four
Soak your hands. Place your hands into a bowel of warm (but not too hot) water and add a bit of shampoo and facial cleanser. This step is vital, as it helps pep the cuticle before trimming. However, be sure to not to over-soak the cuticle. Tip: Soak for no more than three minutes.

Step Five
After soaking your hands, it’s time for the cuticle remover. Place the remover around the nail, focusing on areas of thickened skin. After applying cuticle remover, use your cuticle pusher to push the cuticle away from your nail. Tip: Be cautious not to push the cuticle too far back as this can actually damage nail growth.

Use this step to clean up anything extra around the nail like excess skin or hangnails.

Step Six
We’re constantly told how good moisturiser is for our skin, but the same benefits apply to the cuticles and nails. Apply a moisturiser before applying your base coat as a way of priming your nail. Tip: Try an all-in-one hand and nail moisturiser.

Step Seven
Using your cotton buds, remove any excess moisturiser from your nail – you can use nail polish remover if need be. If the nail is too oily, the polish won’t stick, so it is vital for the nail to be completely dry and clean.

Step Eight
Apply, apply, apply! And all in that order. First and foremost, apply a base coat as this protects and reduces the chances of the nail chipping. Once the base coat is dry then you can add your colour. Tip: Doing a couple of thin layers will appear much cleaner than one heavy coat.

After you apply your coats of polish and wait for them to dry, add a top coat to lock in all your hard work and make your nails shine.

Nails can take some time to dry, so be patient and careful that you don’t accidentally chip any of the polish off.

Step Nine
You’re almost done! Just reapply moisturiser to your hands and nails to keep them looking nourished and healthy!


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