Zana & Gianni Sizzle

August 3, 2016
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Zana Pali and Gianno Romano look legally hot in a new campaign for Brands Exclusive.

The loved-up lawyers say the biggest misconception they’ve come up against is that they are snobs and spoiled. But Zana admits to being a complete snob when it comes to clothes.

“Yes, I’m very picky. It’s quality over quantity, so I’d rather spend a fortune on a single, good quality top than have ten cheap ones,” she says.

“But she still manages to have quality and quantity,” teases Gianni.

“I absolutely love fashion,” Zana laughingly admits. I’m really into my labels. The way I dress up my outfits is with shoes and bags. I always buy designer shoes! I own over 60 pairs of shoes…actually it could be more!”

“I like Brands Exclusive because the website has good quality stuff and without the price tag, so it’s really accessible,” she adds.

Their high-powered jobs keep them busy, but the couple – who wed in November 2014 and have been together for three and a half years – make sure to keep the spark alive with their romantic date nights.

“I love my date nights with my man, and my favourite nights are when he chooses what he would like me to wear for the night. He has great taste and surprises me with gorgeous clothes quite often. His favourite is definitely a short tight black dress with heels. Classy and sexy at the same time!” Zana says.

Zana admits she hasn’t always been so fashionable.

“During high school I was a bit of a nerd and let’s just say my fashion sense wasn’t great! I was definitely a jeans a T-shirt kind of girl growing up. I didn’t put a lot of effort into my looks until after high school,” she says.

The fashion campaign for Brands Exclusive will see Zana and Gianni gracing a six-week long print ad campaign with the tag line “Celebrity shopping, reality prices”.

“We work with some of the world’s most famous designer brands, but we make them a reality by offering them to our members with great discounts,” said Alexandra Mills, CEO of Brands Exclusive.

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