Why You Should Embrace Colour This Season

October 10, 2017
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Time to ditch the black

Do you find yourself constantly gravitating towards plain black? You’re not alone! While sometimes a monochrome wardrobe seems like the easier choice of a morning, we’re here to inspire you to give colour a go this Summer!

1. It’s a guaranteed mood-booster

A little colour never hurt nobody, in fact, it does quite the opposite! Research suggests wearing warm reds and pinks releases dopamine and actually boosts your mood. Alternatively, cooler blues and greens are known to have a calming affect, something we all need from time to time.

2. A tan goes with any colour

If you’re taking the dive into the rainbow, Summer is definitely the time to start. A healthy bronzed glow – store bought or otherwise – will match basically every colour under the sun. Now’s the time to jump in and try it out!

3. Take a clash course

Spots, stripes, florals – these days anything goes! Start by mixing block colours, hot pink and red are seriously trending right now. Check out Gucci and Versace’s latest show for inspiration that packs a punch.

4. Confidence is key

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel impossibly feminine and chic in a cute floral dress? Experiment with the what shape and colour that suits your body, and makes you feel great, because nothing looks as good as confidence!

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