Dear Santa: Gift Ideas for Kids

November 4, 2016
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Ever tried giving a child coal in their stocking for Christmas? Let us tell you, it does not go down too well. Apparently kids don’t have a sense of humour these days!

Anyway, we’re just chalking that one up to a learning experience, and this year we’ve decided to avoid further awkward situations by doing a little Dear Santa research. Behold, the fruits of our labour. We hope you find it helpful.

Map of the world

Open their mind to opportunities, travel and exploration with a globe, wall sticker, or even a simple framed print.

An experience

You know what kids love more than stuff? Time with you! Plan a day trip to a zoo, a park, aquarium, the beach or even a cheeky overnight ‘camping trip’ in the backyard or living room. Grab a teepee or tent, some snacks, and you’re ready!

Colouring in books

Got a mini Picasso? Encourage their creativity! Anyone who’s ever tried adult colouring in will understand the appeal (it really is relaxing!) and kids seriously seem to love it.

Open a bank account

Excuse us for being practical for a moment, but this is actually a really great gift idea, in our humble opinion. Deposit some cash into an account each Christmas and birthday, so that when the child gets older, he or she can choose something they really want.


Outdoor games

Tear them away from the iPad for a moment (or better yet, catch them before they even know what an iPad is) and encourage them to get outside for a game of tennis, soccer, backyard cricket… anything!

A book

Outdoor play is important, but teaching a child to read and giving them the opportunity to learn and discover is absolutely essential. Choose a favourite book from your own childhood and write a note inside – it’s thoughtful, and something they’ll come to appreciate as they get older.

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