Cocktail Recipes To Try This Autumn

March 17, 2017
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On rooftop bars across Australia this summer, it seemed as if you couldn’t turn without accidentally clinking glasses with someone sipping on an Aperol spritz or martini glass brimming with frosé. However, as the weather cools, it’s worth switching from your warm-weather tipple of choice and bringing some autumn mirth to your Friday evening drinks.

Given Australia’s temperate climate, there’s no need to abandon refreshing, fruity flavours altogether. However, try stepping away from summer fruits such as watermelon and stone fruits, and towards those that pair well with spicy and nutty flavours – think apples and berries.

Meanwhile, cocktails featuring ginger, cinnamon and spice, or built around nut and coffee-based liqueurs, add a warming effect. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite autumn cocktail recipes from around the web to try at your next dinner party.

Toasted Almond

There’s no liqueur that says autumn quite like amaretto – a sweet, almond-flavoured liqueur hailing from Italy. Although you might not expect it, amaretto is incredibly versatile – it can be mixed with sodas, fruit juices, a variety of spirits, and also pairs great with chocolate. If we still haven’t convinced you to give it a go, the following cocktail is also easy as 1-2-3: nothing more than Kahlua, amaretto and milk poured over ice. It’s creamy, it’s sweet, it’s got a kick of coffee – the perfect companion on a brisk evening. Find the full recipe here.

Warm Spiced Apple Cider

We can all agree that there’s nothing better than an ice-cold, crisp apple cider to keep you cool during a summer backyard barbecue or beach picnic. But there’s no reason this versatile drink can’t carry you through the colder months – simply add spice and heat, and you’ve essentially got an apple pie in a cup. Make a pitcher of this Food Network warm spiced apple cider and we guarantee the guests at your next dinner party won’t be able to stop refilling their glasses.

Hot Toddy

Ah, yes – the classic hot toddy. We all know a friend (or maybe we are that friend) who, as a child, was spoon fed this drink each time they got a cold. We see the logic – it’s hot, it’s got lemon and honey to soothe the throat, ginger for anti-inflammation and a kick of whiskey to send you straight to dreamland. While we certainly do not condone serving any kind of alcohol to minors, for us of-age adults a hot toddy not only tastes great but serves us all those comforting benefits (legally). Give Felicity Cloake’s recipe for the perfect hot toddy a go next time you feel a sniff coming on.

Apple Cider and Ginger Sangria

Finally, we all know that the weather in many of Australia’s big cities can go hot and cold on you more times than a troublesome ex. So for those days in April when for some reason it’s 35 degrees, make a pitcher of this apple cider and ginger sangria from Delish. It combines the best of both worlds – refreshingly icy and full of fruit, but keeps the spicy ginger notes of autumn going. A guaranteed crowd pleaser.

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