If the Shoe Fits

October 27, 2016
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We all love dressing up in a killer pair of heels from time to time. What we don’t love is the killer pain that often follows after a night on the town wearing said killer heels. We dislike this pain so much, we’d rather reach for our favourite pair of uggs any day. Even if it means sacrificing being a couple of inches taller.

But fear not, ladies. Now that stylish comfort footwear is a thing, we really can have it all. And with brands like Walnut Melbourne leading the way with shoes that look as great as they feel, there’s no reason we can’t get dressed up for a night out, add height and wake up without blisters.

comfort footwear

Don’t Compromise Height

The best way to keep a bit of elevation when taking a more comfortable approach to your footwear is by finding feet-friendly features. Whether it’s a wedge, platform or lower chunky heel, it’s all about finding shoes that give the appearance of height with more cushion. This is because they spread out the impact of each step you take, leading to less pain and more stylishness.

Rethink Flats

comfort footwear

If you’re someone who particularly suffers when wearing heels, or if comfort simply is key – it’s time to rethink the way you think about flats. No longer just the style of footwear you keep in your bag to change into after a long day walking around the office in heels or after a night out, flats can be just as stylish – if not more so – than heels. The key is to avoid flats with a narrow toe box or that lack arch support.

Walnut Melbourne

comfort footwear

Which brings us on to Melbourne’s number one comfort footwear brand, Walnut. Established in early 2007 as a label that would take children’s footwear in an exciting new direction, Walnut went on to become the choice for stylish women everywhere too just two short years later.

Perfectly blending fashion with function, Walnut Melbourne proves that quality doesn’t need to always break the bank (or your feet!). All Walnut Melbourne shoes feature subtle details, bold colours and superior comfort and fit. Their designs are simple, clean and traditional with a contemporary twist.

Ready to join the revolution of stylish comfort footwear? Shop Walnut Melbourne on Brands Exclusive now!

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