5 Reasons Being an Auntie is the Best Job Ever

March 19, 2018
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Siblings are cool. They make for automatic best friends, drinking partners, shoulders to cry on, career advisers and plenty more. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably fleetingly thought at some stage that your sibling could be the coolest person on the planet. But we’ve recently discovered someone even cooler than a sibling… any sibling. Their offspring.

First of all, we’d like to offer a massive shout out to all the siblings out there creating miniature humans, every single day. We thank you, because you have given us the opportunity to take on the single best job in the world; Auntie. And why is this job so cool? Well, we’re glad you asked.

We get to buy teeny tiny clothes for the teeny tiny human
Holy hell, baby clothes are the cutest things we have ever seen in our lives. And we don’t have to go for the boring basics like socks and practical onesies… oh no! It’s tutus, fairy costumes and Superman outfits making their way into our baskets!

We get to see our siblings become parents
It’s a pretty epic transformation to see that trouble-making brother who used to sneak away to eat cat food take on the responsibility of parenthood… and to think that maybe we played a small part in helping him become the man he is now.

It’s an excuse to visit home more often
In times gone by, you might have made it home two or three times a year for a family visit. But now, well, now a month simply cannot go by without you seeing how much those chubby cheeks have grown and what weird and wonderful new sounds they’re making. Sure, it hasn’t helped your bank balance, but who can put a price on love?

We remember how to laugh at ourselves
Let’s face it, it’s difficult not to have a bit of a giggle when you’re dancing around the living room to The Wiggles or Frozen… but how much fun is it?! This is the kind of stuff we’d never do on our own (mainly because that Frozen song makes us want to gouge our ear drums out) but being an auntie allows you the freedom to totally surrender to the silliness.

We get to hand them back
Sure, we love babies… but that doesn’t mean we’re ready for one ourselves. Being able to hand back that little prince or princess after a few hours (or a few minutes if they really start screaming the house down) means that we get all of the wonderful auntie love and fun, without too much of the responsibility. Now that’s what we call #winning.

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