Behind the Scenes with Laurina Fleure

September 21, 2016
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You probably know and love her from her ‘dirty street pie’ past, but there’s plenty more to the gorgeous Laurina Fleure than meets the eye.

We’re feeling pretty lucky (and more than a bit excited) to unveil our partnership with the gorgeous brunette, across an eight-week print ad campaign. And today you should feel lucky too, because we’re taking you behind the scenes of her stunning photo shoot!

The reality star, style queen and former model looks sensational wearing a Montique gown and lying down on a bed of rose petals in our latest Celebrity Shopping, Reality Prices campaign.

“I loved returning to my modelling days for this shoot, and I’m all for Brands Exclusive because it offers stylish looks for less. I love that Australians are starting to take so much pride in being stylish and with these prices there are no excuses!” Laurina says of the shoot and campaign.

Laurina Fleur
Laurina famously insisted on wearing her own brand, Pialia, during her time on The Bachelor, and her understated elegance undoubtedly made her stand out against the other contestants. She’s an advocate for beautiful clothes for more than just the obvious reasons too, saying “I believe that when you wear fine fabrics you carry yourself differently. You hold an attitude of poise and grace, and you exude an air of elegance.”

We chatted between takes with the Melbourne-based fashionista (now madly in love with businessman and entrepreneur Lewis Romano) to discover her style inspiration: “Victoria Beckham – so simple but so fabulous” and her best beauty tip “scratch your lips before you put lippy on. You can use your nails or even a toothbrush. It really plumps your lips and brings all the blood to the surface and makes for a great selfie!”

Designer. Fashionista. Beauty Insider. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

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