Behind the Brand: Ryder

July 4, 2016
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When you first lay eyes on Melbourne-based label Ryder, which launched in 2012, you might find yourself suddenly overcome with the urge to pack a shabby plaid suitcase, jump behind the wheel and drive into the sunset to places unknown. There, you’ll be skimming stones. Combing a wild coastline for windswept treasures. Kicking up clouds of autumn leaves while trawling the Sunday markets. Hugging a mug of something hot, a campfire in the distance.

It doesn’t take very long to figure out that the power of evocation is what makes this quintessential Aussie label something special. So to say we’re excited to debut Ryder on Brands Exclusive this week would be something of an understatement.

RyderShop Tropical Shorts in Grey


Founder and Design Director, Penny Brown, does a fine job of weaving nostalgia through the collection without any help from our (over-active) imaginations. She draws inspiration from memories of family holidays, being at the beach, exploring Australian landscapes, and her fascination with turning old into new again. The result? Vintage style tastefully translated for today in fresh and current ways. Or to borrow her words, “inspired by the past and made for the present.”


Shop Polly Coat Check in Red


It’s also decidedly wearable. A typical Ryder collection is a mix of denim, flannel, lace and leather, vintage inspired patterns and forest-meets-the-sea colour palettes, all manifesting in classic cuts like A-line skirts, ’70s jeans, cropped vests, knit dresses, twin sets and high neck tops. We’re digging the double-denim vibe for winter, which Ryder does exceptionally well by breaking up the blue monotony with mixed denim tones. And those big old tablecloth checks we’re seeing on coats, pants and boxy tees are definitely giving us those fuzzy winter feels!


Ready to be taken to your happy place? Shop Ryder on Brands Exclusive now.

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