Behind the Brand: Naturalizer

July 31, 2016
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The days of teetering on towering spikes, toes pinched into points might not be over, but we reckon all those roomy slides and cushy kicks running around on the high street might suggest that they’re numbered. It used to be that stilettos were the ultimate symbol of femininity, and not so long ago, an unshakeable fixture of a woman’s dress code.

It’s with a sigh of relief then (and the popping of champagne if we’re being totally honest), that we welcome the resurgence of ‘comfort first’. And in the case of brands leading the way in technology that works with the foot and not against it, this doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing style.


The Birth of Naturalizer

A century ago, the concept of fashionable, comfortable footwear was basically unheard of. But women’s suffrage in 1920 marked the beginning of significant cultural change. In the decade that followed, the conditions were prime for revolutionising the way women dressed, and among those pioneering the rather ‘radical’ idea of comfortable footwear, was Naturalizer. Combining never-before-seen comfort features with current fashion trends, Naturalizer was an exercise in understanding and catering to women’s wants and needs. So it’s easy to see how a pair of shoes could come to be a symbol of the times; representing the “modern” woman and all that she had achieved.

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The Anatomy of a Shoe

In the 1940s, advertising guru Leo Burnett described Naturalizer as “the shoe with the beautiful fit”. And today, nothing has changed. Naturalizer is still where women turn for hard-to-find sizes and widths, wide shaft boots, and shoes that can be worn with confidence all day long. It’s with the brand’s patented technology, the N5 Experience, that this can be achieved. The two fundamental features of N5 are comfort and contouring, and both are built around cushioning, breathability, balance, flexibility and lightness.


Here’s a breakdown of what you’re experiencing every time you slip on a pair of Naturalizer’s insanely comfy shoes – although ‘pure bliss’ pretty much covers it.


Each shoe utilises dual density latex foam which provides support in three critical areas throughout the length and width of the footbed. The cushioning cradles and moulds to your foot so there’s no friction and essentially zero ‘breaking in’ period.


You aren’t likely to get hot or sweaty in a Naturalizer shoe. Soft, porous synthetic linings are used to stimulate airflow, while antimicrobial technology resists the growth of bacteria for enhanced protection.


The contoured heel-to-toe insole cups the heel and supports the arch to ensure balance and stability with every step, while the toe shape rests in that perfect middle ground of not too narrow, nor too wide.


A Naturalizer shoe doesn’t fight your foot. Every component is made with materials that bend, flex and move with your foot, not against it. This eliminates friction and rubbing that can lead to blisters and other painful nasties.


And all of the above is done in such a way that you feel light on your feet, not weighed down. Bulk-free and weight-free comfort is achieved by selecting materials for every component that are durable and stable without being unnecessarily thick or cumbersome.

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