Behind The Brand: Elle Macpherson Body

February 27, 2017
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Aussie bombshell, Elle Macpherson knows a thing or two about fashion. So it came as no surprise when our very own supermodel took to the design pool. After many years of licensing she felt it was time to build her own business and put everything she had learnt into practice. Following the success of her first collection, Elle took a new approach on lingerie, launching a bold new line with a modern twist.

Enter Elle Macpherson Body
“I’ve always been passionate about lingerie – since I was 13 and my mum bought me my first matching bra and knickers set – I had to stuff it with Kleenex to make it fit.” – Elle Macpherson

In designing her new collection, Elle’s vision was to create a line of lingerie suitable for women any shape or size. She wanted to focus on reinventing the everyday bra; offering the same simplicity and freedom we know and love, but with a fashionable edge.

“I created the collection, not only with my teenage step daughters or myself in mind, but everyone in between.” – Elle Macpherson

According to Elle, a good bra can change your silhouette and appearance. “And of course the fit is so important. I believe true luxury is comfort and style”.

“A good bra is the foundation of your clothing.” – Elle Macpherson
Elle Macpherson Body features clean, sexy lines that enhance the body. Available in a variety of fun styles and bold colours, there’s one to suit your every mood.

“It’s as much about attitude as it is about lingerie.” – Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson Body truly captures inner strength and confidence, reinventing modern femininity one design at a tiime.

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