Beat the Heat: 15 Ways to Stay Cool This Weekend

July 26, 2017
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Temperatures are set to soar this weekend, so instead of sweltering we’ve compiled 15 things to try to help you stay cool.

1. Out in the open! Bar hop your way around Sydney’s hottest rooftops.
2. Free your feet with Havaianas from $9.95
3. Try a charcoal mask and got those pores glowing!
4. Go coastal and take a hike with a view. Try one of these ten stunning coastal walks in Sydney.
5. Make your own frosé by mixing vodka, rosé, sugar and ice.
6. Have a picnic!
7. Make a splash with our Isola Swim sale – from $10!

8. Take a dive! Bonus – the winter season means less tourists and more space on the sand
9. Give your car a well-deserved scrub (and rinse yourself off in the process)
10. Make your own sangria
11. Grab a scoop at one of Sydney’s best ice creameries
12. Sleep under the stars
13. Spritz your heat away with rose water (it’ll take your face temp down 15641584 degrees)
14. Go ice skating! There’s plenty of scenic pop ups around this season.
15. Head to your local shopping centre for a side of retail therapy (and some bonus free air-con!)

How are you staying cool this weekend? Let us know on our Facebook page! 

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