Australian Designer Labels To Watch at MBFW

May 10, 2017
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It’s that time of year again, when the well-dressed and the strangely dressed make their way to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, a week long schedule of runway shows, industry events, and presentations that gives the Australian fashion industry a chance to showcase its work on a public platform.

The best part about Fashion Week is seeing the work of both established and emerging Aussie designers, discovering the season’s incoming trends, and feeling a sense of national pride as a talented bunch get to show off what they’ve been working on.
Whether you’re headed to Fashion Week or just watching from the virtual sidelines, here are three Aussie labels that you should keep an eye on next week. These labels make us proud of Australia’s fashion industry, with collections that are inspiring and innovative, and we think they’re worth a mention.

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Who: Womenswear label AJE started in the winter of 2008 by designers and best friends, Adrian Norris and Edwina Robinson. The duo came from two different realms of the creative spectrum, with Adrian training at the acclaimed Venetian Art School, and Edwina finishing up a tenure at fashion magazine RUSSH.

What: With a vision to bridge the gap between urban and coastal style, AJE brings elegant and accessible luxury to strong, adventurous women all over the country. It is the fusion of the two designers’ unique skills and areas of expertise that brings AJE its innovative and chic elegance.

Devoted to protecting and continuing traditional artisanal techniques, each seasonal collection is centred around hand-loomed and hand-woven fabrics, hand-sewn embellishments, and hand-painted prints, all inspired by the rugged beauty of Australia’s urban and natural landscapes.

Dion Lee

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Who: At just 30 years of age, Dion Lee has been critically lauded and awarded more than any designer coming out of our shores in recent years. Debuting his first show at MBFW just one year after graduating from the Sydney Institute of Technology, Dion Lee has gone on to captivate audiences in London and New York, where he now receives international acclamation and demand.

What: The Dion Lee aesthetic is all about igniting your senses with subtle intellect, innovative construction, and a conscious understanding of the female form. The designer utilises silhouettes and architectural forms to enhance the movement of his clothing, allowing the flow of air and light to flow through.

Textiles aren’t used haphazardly, but mindfully, to create structure and embellishments in Lee’s clothing. A combination of daring experimentation, bold construction, and traditional tailoring puts Dion Lee at the forefront of modern Australian fashion.


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Who: The project of ex-UTS students Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin, TOME is a New York based label run by two Aussie expats. With Martin’s history as designer for brands like Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture, and Lobo’s experience as a designer buyer and stylist, the two combine a creative vision that is practical and straightforward, with purity as its main driving point.

What: TOME is designed with every woman in mind. Picture clean cut, essential dressing that is far from boring yet free of superfluous additions. Form follows function when it comes to TOME’s collections, and each piece can be worn in a number of ways to create unique combinations. Colour and texture are both highlighted in TOME’s pieces, and combined with luxurious fabrications, make for a range of clothing that has the potential to be both simple and dramatic.

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