5 Reasons to Love Aussie Fashion Label Elk

August 7, 2016
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Elk is a much-loved fashion label for those that revel in comfort, easy-to-wear fashion, and statement jewellery. The Melbourne-based brand has carved a unique path for itself in the industry over the last 11 years with hand-crafted accessories inspired by Scandinavian design, yet undeniably Australian.

And it’s not just locals smitten with the laid-back luxe look. Elk has spread its wings globally, with its bags, jewellery, apparel, wallets, footwear and fashion featuring in over 20 independent retail stores around the world. So why the enduring crush? Here are five reasons why the always-stylish are hooked on Elk.

Elk fashion

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It’s Accessible
Every Elk product to hit the shelves has checked all the boxes when it comes to the brand’s ethos. Each piece, be it a new relaxed knit or chunky statement necklace, is accessible, affordable, and wearable. Age is no boundary, and each piece is made with flexibility in mind, so the individual can reinvent and make it their own again and again.

It Works with The Best
Husband and wife founders, Marnie and Adam, are passionate about Australian design and independent fashion, and they’re continuously sourcing the finest raw materials from around the world to be on the front foot with their latest collections. They have an unwavering commitment to working with small manufacturers across the globe to ensure traditional skills and techniques are used for an authentic, high quality finish.

It’s All About Ethical Business
As a family owned and run business, Elk takes a strong stance on respect and safety in every facet of the brand, and it’s not unusual to find them travelling regularly to meet their makers and artists around the world. Company ethics, workers’ rights, workplace safety, and working conditions are at the forefront of its values.

“There’s a satisfaction in knowing what we do supports hundreds if not thousands of people all over the world. We remind our staff that it is because of what we do that many people have food on the table. It is the greatest buzz for both Adam and I to see happy staff and suppliers earning a livelihood from the business we built,” says Marnie.

It Sees Green
Elk’s boho-inspired jewellery put the brand on the map 11 years ago. Today it’s still as popular as ever, but it’s also a sector of the brand that caters to the company’s green aspirations. All its timber is soured from sustainable plantations, and each piece of jewellery is made using these raw materials by a small, family-owned and operated factory in the Philippines.

It’s Not Always About Fashion
The family owned and operated business is a Platinum Champion for children through UNICEF. The brand raises funds through a donation matching initiative to help protect and support vulnerable children around the world.

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