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November 2, 2016
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When it comes to plus size fashion, there’s often frustration about the fact there aren’t enough brands that manage to be on-trend while still able to flatter curves. There’s also traditionally been a feeling that there aren’t enough body image positive women at the forefront of fashion setting an example.

This is all changing with the rise of the body positive fashion blogger, and we couldn’t be happier. At Brands Exclusive, we’re all about embracing style for all women – no matter their shape or size – as well as promoting a positive body image at all times. So sit back and get ready to bookmark these five lovely ladies who are taking the world of body image blogging to exciting new heights.

Gabi Fresh

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After graduating college with an interest in fashion journalism, Gabi Gregg started her now much-adored style blog in September 2008. Gabi struggled to land an entry level job or internship, so decided to tread her own path and fill what she saw as a void in the body image blogosphere. Gabi Fresh is a personal style blog where outfits and fashion advice is shared, in the hope to “inspire others to take risks and have fun with clothing regardless of size.” We love.

A Curious Fancy

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Next up is Ragini, a body positive fashion blogger with a fondness for the eccentric. Ragini also describes herself as “unapologetically fat and femme”, which we find extra inspirational. We love women who are comfortable in their skin and couldn’t give a damn what other people think of them! Ragini’s style blog A Curious Fancy focuses on promoting the message that “life’s too short to not dress the way you’ve always dreamed of!” We couldn’t agree more.


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For more style-spiration, turn to Rochelle Johnson. Rochelle launched her blog Beauticurve back in early 2013 after much encouragement from family, friends and her ever-growing Instagram following. “As a plus size girl, I have grown to be very comfortable with my size and actually enjoy myself as I am”, Rochelle explains. “At Beauticurve you will find a girl who isn’t afraid to wear what she loves and to break a few rules.” Take a look at Rochelle’s awesome site yourself to see exactly what the style queen means.

From the Corners of the Curve

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Starting its life as a diet diary back in 2012, Callie’s super-stylish blog From the Corners of the Curve just had to make our shortlist. Callie is a 20-something fashionista living the London dream, blogging about everything from style and beauty to travel and restaurant reviews. Callie started the blog when she was in a bad place, feeling low about herself and obsessed with dieting. Callie decided to defeat her negativity by finding a creative outlet with a new blog. The result? Well, see for yourself.

Margie Plus

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Last but definitely not least, no body positive piece would be complete without a mention of Margie Plus, the unique freelance writer, stylist and creator of the “Margie Plus” column on With her quirky hair colours and fashion that’s in a league of its own, we need more people in the world like Margie Plus. Feeling a bit down in the dumps in the body image department? Head to Margie Plus’ fantastic blog and you’ll be feeling your confident, fabulous self again in no time.

All images courtesy of the relevant blogs.

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