9 Ways to Babyproof Your Home

December 6, 2016
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When it comes to babyproofing your home, child safety always come first. From removing pillows and stuffed toys from bub’s crib to using non-slip mats in and out of the tub, we round up the 10 top ways to babyproof your home. Thank us later.

Cut back on cords.
Whether it’s through investing in cordless shades to keep blinds safe or by mounting flat-panel TVs to the wall, it’s essential to cut back on having wires hanging around your home as much as possible.

Buy a baby gate.
Particularly if you’ve got stairs in your home, a baby gate is essential for keeping your curious little one out of harm’s way. These days you’ll find a style to match your home’s décor, bonus!

Make room in the crib.
It’s important to remove those adorable blankets, pillows and stuffed animals from the crib when you tuck bub in. As cute as they are, these items are a child safety hazard as they can suffocate.

Invest in a baby monitor.
A must-have for ever nursery, a baby monitor helps you to listen out for any crying in the night. We’d suggest opting for a cordless model.

Install a toilet lock.
It might sound far-fetched, but you’d be surprised how many little rascals get their fingers smashed or even fall into the toilet. A toilet lock is essential for child safety.

Safeguard from slips.
The bathroom is obviously a dangerous place for little ones, which is why it’s so important you use non-slip mats in and out of the tub as well as on hard surface floors near the bathroom.

Clean up pet food.
Dry food in particular is a real hazard for child safety, as it’s usually small and hard – easy to swallow and choke on. Clean up as soon as your pooch or feline friend has finished their meal.

Install under-sink cabinet locks.
Usually home to nasty chemicals we use to keep our homes nice and clean, you won’t want wandering rascals finding their way into these cabinets. Keep them locked at all times.

Add bumpers to edges.
Sharp corners can be found all over the house, but particularly in the living room where we keep our coffee tables and TV stands. Cushion the edges with bumpers for ultimate child safety.

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