6 Things To Know When Buying a Designer Watch

May 22, 2017
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A designer watch is normally one of the biggest fashion investments you make, so how do you know when to strike? Here are our 6 golden rules to shopping the right designer watch for you, and how to avoid buying a fake one.

1. Go For a Classic

You can’t go wrong with a watch from a luxury brands such as Longines, Cartier, Rolex, Omega, Tissot or Tag. Most luxury designer watches have a warranty for at least five years, and the iconic brands offer timeless designs that will last for decades. Other luxury watches that are elegant but tend to be more affordable include Hugo Boss, Armani and Christian Van Sant.

2. Research & Try It On

A designer watch should be a considered purchase, so research the different brands and styles. Once you find one you like, head into the retailer and try it on in person – feel the weight, watch the movement of the hands, ensure you can see the quality and see if the watch suits you.

3. Feel The Weight & Watch The Mechanism

If you are not shopping at a trusted retailer, the easiest way to spot a fake watch is to feel the weight. You will be able to tell the difference, especially if you’ve tried the watch on at a trusted retailer first. But in general, a designer watch should feel surprisingly heavy and most fake watches fail to replicate this heaviness.

4. The Truth Is In The plating & Mechanism

Another tell-tale sign is the movement of the hands – quality Swiss-made watches have an elegant movement which is smooth and accurate to the number positioning, a fake watch is often spasmodic. Also, pay attention to the watch’s sheen and plating. Try scratching the plating – if it’s fake, it will easily come off.

5. Look At The Logo

Play close attention to the logo on the watch. On a fake designer watch, there will normally be a slight variation to the look of the logo, so the counterfeiters can claim they haven’t copied the logo but that it is a different logo altogether.

6. Only Shop With Trusted Online Boutiques

If you are shopping online for your designer watch, make sure to only shop with trusted online boutiques.

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